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Every night since Billy Basins were made illegal by the Giant Baby Society voices would denounce each other. And then one night someone thought Chris. The Porn Lords grew angry and unsettled at the mention of this name and frightened by the name Chris. For Chris wasn’t about to say Mephisto.

How many years do they do before they cause a revolution.

Oh mine go on forever said the Giant Baby’s parents.

Ga Ga said the Giant Baby

He’s 50 ft tall said GBs parents to their neighbours who had come round for tea.

And he loves the food they produce.

He gets very upset about the Beatles though and starts screeching.

Oh love him he’s singing.

Giant Baby is going to grow up to be Prime Minister one day said one of the passers by.

He stands a good as chance as any.

Don’t come the bell end with me, they are the ones in power his parents and their tea circle the Duke and Duchess of 53 and 51.

Do you put yours in pots or tubes? Shouted a factory worker.

Depends on the order.

Do they fit in cans.

Who now

What now more like

Or How now Brown cow


The minute I say Mephi shhh said somebody else

The world as we know will cease to operate

What will happen

Well lets see shall we

No Chris

Not until we have figured out what exactly what is going to happen.

They do you know

Donald Duck drives a truck

And Mickey Mouse said

Will you have some tea my darling

With Minnie and me

You now owe me a farthing

Drive that van as fast as you can

But on the way back don’t hit me

And Minnie and me are up till 3

That blooming Pluto bit me

Written by David Llywelyn Brown 19th June 2017

The God Realms of Empire


Blessed by virtue of being an Englishman

Blessed by God whose English too,

He has to be if you think it through,

He gave us empire on which the sun never sets…

Shines eternal or so it must seem,

Until independence shattered Empire’s dream

Oh bastard son of a Godless wretch

Let’s not forget that the union jack,

Flew triumphant over corpses stacked,

Was hoisted high over horrors,

Made in the workshop of the world,

Sanitised the butchery

Mythologised insanity,

God was wounded at Le Somme,

Disappeared as time went on

These fools who associate God with their empire

Ascribing characteristics to an abstract Absolute

This imperial ideology thought itself bullet proof.

Empire eternal or so it seemed until struggles decided smashed empire’s dream

Such feelings of superiority,

Lead nations towards facades torn

Illusions of grandeur sorely stretched,

Now no empire on which the sun won’t set,

Just the bastard son of a Godless wretch.

                                                                                                Written by David Brown 13/05/1997









Suck it and fuck it
Goes the Porn barons press
Suck it and fuck it
And then undress
Suck it and fuck it
While we depress
Your wages without phages
You’ll nay be heard
Suck it and fuck it
You stupid prole
Suck it and fuck it no more dole
Suck it and fuck it we reign supreme
Suck it and fuck it
Is our youth training scheme
Swallow our poison and then go screw
When I hear suck it and fuck it
I think fuck you

7dd Chwefror 2017
Written by David Llywelyn Brown

Trem y MYnydd / Mountain View

Imagine being evicted from Masada (1)
For being bigger than Biggy (2) 
Joan Arc got jiggy (3)
Sam Sharpe in my wiiggy (4)
Paul Bogle and CHarles Gordon (5)
Nanny talks to Mary (6)
Guard him with your life
And I will buy your next house
My Mother is my real daughter
My Father is my Dad
Look it up
My gattling gun's got cheese and bun (7)

Can you turn it down a tad?


(1) A Jewish Fortress that was besieged by ancient Rome
(2) Biggy Smalls a Criminal and rapper assassinated in 1997 March 9th
(3) A French armed revolutionary and schizoprhenic she drove the English armies out France and was burnt at the stake by the English for being a witch.
(4) Daddy Sharpe or Deacon Sharpe led the famous sit down strike of 1831 in Montego Bay Jamaican National Liberation hero
(5) Morant Bay rising 1865 Starving peasants and workers united against the British govt and rose in rebellion with terrible repercussions led by Governor Eyre
(6) Mary a reference to the Mother of Jesus and Nanny an African of JA who led the Maroons against the British empire and won
(7) A gattling gun evil killing device and Cheese and Bun (niec)


Peace Poem


Hey angry leprechaun

Let me ride your horse,

Give me love and give me peace and give me a quick divorce,

Promise not to burn me

I’ll look after your gold,

Take me to Killarney, Tralee and to Mold,

Give me the thickest nourishment,

Bathe me in the stream,

Make a brew so wicked,

It rustles up a dream.

Sit upon my washing machine with your little legs

Give me apples to give to Mozam Begg

Hope it is from Eire where the cider is so nice

Mine me a pot noodle and wet me with your rice

Let me off ar y meddwl

And love me with my bevel

And when we're going to Caerleon

And going to Tintagel

My labido died in 85

And I’m glad to say I’m still alive

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

27th August 2016



Comin' for a Fag

I really hate the cigarettes

They’re rather stinky poo

Every time I see one

I flush one down the loo

I really hate cigarettes

They’re really bad for you


  And when I smoke the cigarettes

They make me wanna puke

They really make me cough

I used to smoke them in school

I always got told off

I’ve got a hard core addiction

That’s totally out of control

I keep on smoking herbal spliffs

And sniffing liquid gold

You’ll lose your mind

Is what they say to me

Before the day is new is new is new to be

I have to see my doctor

But that’s alright

Because that is what I’ve got to do

No sleep tonight

I’m an ongoing crisis there’s no Rita Sue

Just a mug of warm ale and a written auto cue

The fiddle is unerring

The car it is Ben Hurring

I hope I am not erring

Dr Who

Written by David Llywelyn Brown 2016

 This one is for my friends in the borough

Giving me the sucour

To keep my very marrow

You know sadness and you know the sorrow

I know the joy and I want tomorrow

A cure for leukaemia

An answer to this schemer

Have you got the clout

I’ve got nothing that much cheerier

But I’ll open up a can of beerier

A 32 county Ireland what is wrong with that

You tell me of James Conolly

And I’ll say sign me up

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

23rd April 2016


 Candy Rapper

Candice was a 24 year old British born woman of Jamaican descent. Her last name was Smart and that is what she was good at, thinking. Towards the end of the second year of her study she had won a poetry scholastic, the prestigious Drakeford Cup. It was her outstanding talent as a poet that led to her to being invited to perform her rhymes in the land her Father once lived in, Jamaica. He had died tragically of a heart attack 2 years before her award but she was sure she could picture his smiling face and almost hear him congratulate her. It was his dream for her to go to university. JA. Delroy Smart had worked tirelessly all his life as a train guard on the train lines, helping people to safety. He and her Mum, Janet, had saved and saved to pay for Candy’s university education and now it seemed to be paying off in Candy’s final year. Candy’s Mother was pleasantly shocked and surprised that Candice was being offered a place to read poetry at Mona University Campus, West Indies in Jamaica. Janet had heard all sorts of stories about Jam Down some of them comforting, some of them frightening. Now her daughter was going to fly there all on her own to meet the linguist Dr Drakeford who would sponsor her remaining time at the Kingston based university.

Suddenly before anyone had realised Jamma spelt ruin for the inceptors “Your scent does not guide you.”

Candy Rapper continued ....

"Your scent does not guide you"

This is what Candice heard as she woke from a deep sleep. Her very soul had shuddered inside by the deep gravelly voice that seemed to resonate in her room. She flicked the light on rubbing her nose and eyes sneezing in the cold January morning of her London bedsit. There was no one else in the room apart from her. Her dartboard hung motionless with the pines sticking out with tips deeply embedded in the chip board. Her poster of Amy Winehouse looked back at her. Must have been dreaming thought Candice. Yes I was now it flooded back to her. A pub the Gun and Duck the sweet aroma of ganja and the dreadlocks turning slowly to her. “Fee must fee pass” said the voice. Candice paid the man some money and walked into a smoke filled room. “You come to me again”. “Interview for musss” 
Turning on her tablet she decided to search for the Gun and Duck and see if there really was such a pub. Sure enough it existed down in Lewisham near the patty shop and and the taxi rank. Without so much as an afterthought she thought go there and write a new collection. It had to be worth one more night in London. 
The taxi turned up at 8pm “Taxi for Smart” said Amelco the cab driver. “Dog and Duck” please said Candice. She waited quietly for the car to pull off and then started a conversation. Are you a real rasta or just like your hair long.”. “Well my sistren I locks up and all the evidence push me in da weight of His Imperial Majesty Jah Rastafari”. “The reason I’m asking is not to be personal but I’m leaving for Jam Down tomorrow and well need some contacts while I’m there”. “When you get to the Dog and Duck aks to see Jamma he can set you up with who need to see in Jam Down”. “Thanks”.

Leaving the taxi and entering the pub was one thing. What Candice hadn’t been prepared for was a pub decorated in 18th century guns and pictures of blood hounds. It was dimly lit and the barstaff immediately clocked her entry. A bald man walked past her to the pool table whilst people crowded round the karaoke machine singing Thin Lizzy’s China Town. Candice ordered a drink. “You want a bad man wid dat sweethips” said a womans voice silently in Candice’s mind. “Is there a man called Jamma shouted Candice above the loud music. “He’s in the garden wid the man dem.” “What you want wid that bumba Ras” “I need to see him” Out through the lounge and into the garden seated on the smoke house he had built sat Jamma man with 5 men of varying sizes, complexions and fashion statements. Candice said politely “Jamma man” A large heavy set man looked up “So you come when me call” “Um yes as a matter of fact I’ve been told you can help me”
“Me fly out to yard tomorrow, I know the house where you will want to stay, “
And then she awoke this time for real.

 Be Bop


I want to write one for all the folks

Karl, Tommy, Andrew and Marcus Llawn 

The patient, kind people of the town

This one comes from David Brown

Anna, Steve and all the crew

This poem is for all of you

As Woody Guthrie sang

When their patience wears away

Will Working People hold sway

And run this country

For our good

I hope it’s clearly understood

If the economy was nationalised

This would not be a Lord of the Flies

Because if your low paid or unemployed

We should make the Tories null and void

Drive them from their hidey holes

Plant defeat deep within their souls

Cameron et all really have to go

Fling dem out of on their ears and toes

Written by David Llywelyn Brown 7th March 2016

Your Dad

Your Dad drank in the Market Tavern,

They say one time till quarter to seven.

Was that at night or in the morning time?

Don’t glorify it if it does nay rhyme!

If you’re up till twelve or so they say,

You’ve been having a very good Sunday,

And the Castle, the Queens and the Peg,

He used to sing and dance,

He drank in the Globe in fact,

And the Greyhound,

The Winner,

The White Hart,

The Bell,

The Unicorn,

The Steer,

The Yew Tree,

The King Fisher,

The Half Way,

The Kings Head,

The Grofield,

The Cordell,

The Whistle,

The Lamb,

The Abergavenny Hotel,

The Red Lion,

Ran the Red Lion more like

Remember 7 Trem-y-Mynydd?

Or Y Goch Llew as he called it,

The Black Lion down Y Fenni,

The White Hart in Abersychan,

The Ship and Bull,

In the Drovers down from Caerleon College,

The Gower, the Crwys and the Flora

The Woodville too

Those were like best days,

Back in the 90s,

We kept it merry,

And very very,

We had that mutual respect.

Remember Derry?

Aye I be members Derry,

Down from Terry on the street with no name,

No that’s Dai Parry,

His best mate Larry,

Gave me his number today,

Was Mark Jones there?

Yes Big Mark appeared,

Was he suitable attired?

And then Paul’s waz cot appeared !!!

Was he dressed right?

Aye he was tidy.

I’ve just been out for some beers,

A whole heap of them,

And the Hanbury,

Yeah he got hit in the Hanbury!

Was he an alcoholic?

No I don’t think so.

He liked to party.

Who hit him?

Oh so some boys he had pulled a blade on years ago,

Well that’s what he put it down to,

Could have been a racist attack?

We just don’t know.

But don’t leave it hanging?

The club was banging,

It was off for somewhere to go.


Written by David Llywelyn Brown

8th Chwefor / February 2015

 Recent Conclusions


I wouldn’t want to fight a bear.

I wouldn’t want to start you dare.

You see me and I’d deeply care.

If I could get some sleep,

I’ve stayed awake all damn night.

The future it seems bright,

For the people of the world,

If a simple soul can see,

That Capitalist tyranny,

Will be defeated soon to be,

Consigned to the dust bin of history.

Let’s stop this misery,

Inna da Embassy,

For never can the enslaved be free,

Is the cry of the class enemy,

I write the poem lyrically,

I do it and I share.

Written David Llywelyn Brown     01/02/2016

 Liberty Equality HUMANITY

Up with a new society

Not an abstract concept

But owned by you and me

And him and her and them

The us

But not the wealth in the hands of the rich.

30th January 2016

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

Don’t forget poetry 

That crafty wordy art
Don’t put poetry
Out of the cultural cart
Don’t put poetry
Out of sight and mind
Don’t leave Poetry out for you to find

28th January 2016

Written by David Llywelyn Brown


We’ve got cannon beneath the deck

If we’re fighting

We’ve got a bird who is very scared of lightning

We’ve a load of teddy bears

Who love apples and pears

And a captain who keeps himself entertained by writing

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

14th November 2015

There’s this poem

Your virtual achievement is cheese and ting

Your virtual achievement won’t make you sing

I’m not opposed to games but I have to say
Join a union don’t remain defenceless is the best way

Have a beer have a berry
Have a tip top lunch
But we are 7 years away from the credit crunch
When our government decided without our consent
To give £1.3 trillion to the bankers and birthed a movement
That wants public ownership of the banks
The banks should be there as a friend
Not bleeding the nation dry and in the end
It will lead to revolution
Mark my dates
The rich are so greedy
They want the people living so poor and needy
Just like the States
Poor and God Damn grateful
It has to be said
I’m better of Red than dead
Better Dread than Wed
Got no bob sled
My homey essay Ashley
Goes Ted in the Head
Before I go to me bed
When I’m up in the day
Don’t mek it go away
Languages heard and spoken
New ideas awoken
Fawr amser / Mighty time
If you shimmy der with Jimmy
Then you pantio mime
Mewn Cymraeg betwn galw
Yn y Diddflas time
So I’m bringing this to closure
With the thought design

 8th November 2015 

Written by David Llywelyn Brown


The night is cold

The weather can be wet and icy

Everybody should have the right to a home

Somewhere they can call their own

Somewhere they return to, stay in and leave

Somewhere to come back to

 Spider Wars – The Ascension


Telfyga and Meddywylgar



High in Hell’s Mountains

Meddywylgar waited the moon hung high over the woodland, hill and heather. Meddywylgar’s hunting dog looked up at him as if to ask how much longer. The silence was broken by the shrill words “Cwrw man over here”. He span round as did his dog to see Telfyga emerge from the dark woods torch in hand. He walked slowly to meet her, head cupped to one side trying to hear for more of her band.

“Just me Meddywlygar my hunters are camping by the quarry”

He reached the huntress looked deeply at her and spoke:

“My Father now walks with the spirits it is I who have been chosen to lead my people”

“Hold on don’t tell me you want us to abide by new hunting laws” replied a worried young woman

“I want you to be my 11th wife Telfyga, abandon the hunting and come and live in the fort with me”

Telfyga paused then laughed with derision “No my friend is the simple answer”

With that Meddywylgar shouted loudly “You are beloved by me” looked at the moon and then walked away.

Married to that morbid prick thought Telfyga no chance.

It was a long walk back to the quarry she had never thought of marrying royalty and being in line to the Siluramanchee throne. Imagine the look on Elena’s face when she told her and Mam and Dad’s. Who would have thought that she would have to turn down the bravest yet slightly unbalanced King Meddywylgar.


“Oooh kind sir”

“It suits me fine to travel with such a worldly woman as you”

“Ooh kind sir”

“Follow me”

“Oohh kind sir”

“Now let me give you a piece of advice, never trust a liar”

“Oooh kind sir”


Have you been trapped in a never ending cycle of gender inferiority by certain script writers.

“Now I’m listening”

“Why can’t we write our own plays”

“We can”



The night is cold

The weather can be wet and icy

Everybody should have the right to a home

Somewhere they can call their own

Somewhere they return to, stay in and leave

Somewhere to come back to


More from Spider Wars - Grahog

"I am an Ogre Poet my rhymes are known throughout all Ogredom.

My name is Grahog!"

"Grahog sings for Mountain Elf princess Onalita"

"Oh Grahog you sing so beautifully I have made you my champion."

It was Grahog that led the celebrations.

This was no longer new to Elena since joining the choir she had toured 3 cities 12 towns and 24 villages. Each time they had rehearsed for the big event the festival of Rita at Twmpoth .

Grahog looked at Elena and said “We sing for her majesty tonight all eyes will turn towards her beauty”

Elena replied “It will be a great honour having you to sing with tonight Mighty Grahog”

Everyone was assembled the choir began singing as did the Ogre bard as Onalita declared the festival one of great Propriety. This was better than sowing Brung Fat hide back at the Tafarn but one thing was puzzling her. Why was Princess Onalita currently presiding over the ceremony looking so old and haggard. Grahog too looked as if he was getting no sleep at all. Then it clicked the Mountain Elves must be in league with the Wizards of the West. They go in for all that sleep deprivation mind melding, it softens the resistance and turns rulers into sick puppets. They must be after the Fluvium that litters the mountains here. Elena would trade that information for a pretty penny. But who to The Dark Mages perhaps or the demon prince Meddywlygar.

At the cwrt of Sendak all paid homage to Meddywlygar husband to the 10, bringer of swift ends and harbinger of doom, victor of no less than 10 battles, he sat upon the throne.

The chamberlain whispered into the King’s ear, "A message from the Festival of Rita the Elves are in the league with the land of the Shining Sword."

"Ready my chariot we travel north to the Elven lands to see how we can stop this unholy alliance."

"But Grahog your most ardent one."

"Ha" Grahog and I are on good terms as are me and Onalita.

Your majesty if Grahog and his Elven Queen are under the Wizards spell then this might be your last diplomatic mission.

 Grahog drank the berry juice and listened to the choir.

“Good choice” shouted Grahog

It was after the song had finished that Elina stepped from the stage and sat at Grahog’s table next to the Ogre Champion

“Meddwylygar travels to warn you”

“Of?” grunted Grahog

“The Wizards are draining you and Onalita of life force.”

“We know it’s either they vamp us or they blow us all up with lightning strikes”

“When Meddwylygar arrives venture forth with him to destroy their power to launch lightning strikes.”

“Onalita won’t let me out of her sight”

“Invite her too look it as a quest to free your realm”

“You’ll need my sister Telly Welly the hunter to guide you to the Wizard Lands”

Hydref Swims

Hydref swims and shines
In absolvance
Leaving Haf slowly as
A distant memory

Wyntog gleams as a chill
Flu Jab yes I will
No I won’t what if they kill
Gwanywn brings her buds

Mewn Hydref the wheat hangs heavy
Hold the sickle
Gather in
A harvest for our Wyntog's store

Add hammer
Industrial might
And you’ve got pans that are made not bought

But its all made
By you and me
I hope you like de poetry

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

25th September 2015

Note to reader on Tymhorau or Seasons

Hydref is Welsh / Cymraeg for Autumn

Gwanwyn is Welsh / Cymraeg for Spring

Haf is Welsh / Cymraeg for Summer

Wyntog is Welsh / Cymraeg for Winter

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

25th September 2015

 The Amazing Stories of Tenny Bach starring Pygama Woman and Panda Sai

Foreword (listen to this one with Dmitri Shostokovitch Symphony Number 7 or don’t it’s up to you)
The moon shone in the sky above the small yet growing community of Tenny Bach. The author eased into the saddle and his fingers began to hammer the keyboard words flying into place. Tonight the music played across the clover sweet sky. The pressures faced by the people of the planet were enormous, capitalist crisis, environmental catastrophe and mass poverty, imposed by the rich and their class war.
Communication critical of the status quo was actively discouraged, telecommunications were listened into as the dictatorship of Capital in Britain tried to frighten people into ideological submission to their programme of cuts, starvation, mass unemployment and inter class conflict.
Every so often defenders of the rich would scream the same tired and reactionary phrases to themselves especially at night. How they were benefiting from not criticising the capitalist system only they know. We all independent and red like the blood that flows through our veins. Peace and unity alongside the people united will never be defeated means a lot to those oppressed by fools who side with rich on the basis of their own guilt and internal contradictions. Do something constructive to unplug from the matrix of obedience. Don’t be an attack dog, humanity should rule instead profit and an unequal hierarchy of social and economic division. A system that preys upon the people in the form and substance of Capitalism. Overthrow that system by organising with other people, it is the biggest killer the world has ever seen.
One day Pygama Woman wrote an invisible letter to Panda Sai saying “Fancy camping up the tunnels?”
“A’iiight PW me der”
“What we doing up der”
“Usual Panda Sai”
“Oh no not cards”
“Ok can the horses come too?”
“Umm no”
“Oh no”
“8 of diamonds?”
“Could be?”
“Nice nuclear bunker can we all h’inspect it”
“In fact everywhere probably has one it would be nice to see if their roomy and their food supplies meds and things”
“I know Sai it’s conspiracy that worries me and the Pygama people”
“It’s ok PW it’s part of the revolutionary process I expect”
“Like normal confrontation ideologically during a severe class war launched by the rich”
“Cup of milk”
“Yes why not”
“How’s the painting, your clothes are so colourful and iridescent”
“I’m a bit suspicious of flattery”
“I mean it PW it’s better than sack cloth”
“You smell powerful Panda Sai!”
“I know I am a mighty man”
“My sons are calling me, I must fly”
“Ok use this frisby whooooooooosh”
The horses chew the grass under the moonlit sky
“Will they eat us?”
The people starve, the stooges laugh.
Dreams of a storm at sea a boat tossed on the waves. A flood of emotion enters the writer. Hope is not broken will they survive the storm? The pipes play across tomorrows buttercup filled meadows. The crow watches along the telegraph wires. A pregnant women holds her belly and feels new life inside her. The mountains rise and the thought of snow settles, the blackberry blossoms bring forth fruit, autumn approaches. No free food for 6 miles, gas, electricity, phone bills increasing in price as the big companies turn the screws on working class communities. Sparks settle in the eaves of the bourgeois enemies of the proletariat as they mock the dying.
Iskra the alternative revolution, lay low the old established order of deference and totalitarian capitalism. Forward to the dictatorship of the proletariat we will NOT be cowed, we will NOT do as we’re told either. Revolutionary fervour spreads over Britain. Cofio 1974 bring the rich man’s government down.
Build a movement of the Left that represents organised labour. It will take time but must emerge the bourgeois parties point at us and say the crisis is ours, the bankers caused the economic crisis and are to blame – TAX the RICH means no cutbacks and enough to spend on things we need and want. Build local democracy their craven perfumed servants withdraw. Turn your hatred on the capitalist class “Tax your mansions not our bedrooms, we have to pay taxes why don ‘t the rich, why must there be no free university and low wages or unemployment be our destiny”
Fists shake at the palaces of the debauched capitalist class.
“Our young men die in your corporate resource wars!!!”
“Our young women are expected to be playthings in your macabre sexual exploitation rituals”
“We will no longer plan for you or work your infernal machines, down tools walk off site, ALL OUT”

 Stori y Ten y Bach

Ten y Bach, gyda Panda Sai, Loopy Linda and Katie Norman

Katie Norman - I like Bamboo Wine
So I gave some to my friend Comrade Panda
Loopy Linda - Comrade Panda likes bamboo wine
Katie Norman - But doesn’t like Imperialist Warmongers
Loopy Linda - Why?
Katie Norman - Because the imperialist warmongers tried to take the Comrades Cubs
Comrade Panda doesn’t like anybody who looks like imperialist warmongers smells like imperialist warmongers or acts like imperialist warmongers
Makes Comrade Panda very angry indeed
Loopy Linda - But the imperialist warmongers just wanted the cubs for Xmas presents to his children
Katie Norman - That’s not how Comrade Panda sees it
Loopy Linda - What’s Comrade Panda doing now
Katie Norman - Oh he’s balancing
Yeah go on 
Not for PS he can’t drink anything but bamboo tea and fresh mountain water
Got council pop
That will do nicely


Who serves your drinks?

Who produces electricity?

Who lives in your telly?

Who allows you to do your shopping?

Who enables your laughter glands?

Who cleans your hotel room?

Who harvests your food?

Who irons your clothes?

When you’re too rude?

Who cuddles the baby?

Who produces the milk?

Who writes the Paris Commune

Who reads this book?

Who thinks of revolution?

Who works for progress

Who doesn’t 

Who kills?

Who gives life?

Who was Jeanne de Clisson?

You mean Jeanne de Bellville

The Black Lioness

For real 

Who are you?

Who am I?

I am me

Who is why to you?

Get that cigarette from yoor mouth

What do you use a rag for?

Who dabbles your mind?

Who fiddles your fiddler?

Who drums on your tooth?

Who climbs the eye tower?

Who dreams on a be dragon? 

Who cries the morning time?

Who’s died and who’s just in hospital?

It must be Tory government time!

Written by David Llywelyn Brown 16/09/2015

 Poem for Peter



I heard a man was killed today

I man I met before

His grieving wife told me today

I just could not ignore

He bled to death in a cemetary

A knife wound in his neck

The culprit’s doing 9 years in jail

His wife she is a wreck

Her hands reached deep into a pocket

She misses him and keeps his picture

With his hair in a locket

He wore sharp wickle picker shoes

I met him in the Marky

He was the same colour as I am

And nobody called us darky

He’s gone now but his memory

Will live on with those close

I hope we can end these violent crimes

We’ll have to I suppose.




Written by David Llywelyn Brown

'Kwanza is coming Kwanza is coming

Nadolig Llawen too 

Lets fight for more paid workers holidays

Forward to a 3 day week with 7 days a week wages



Dear King of Riyadd,

Why are you bombing the Yeminis?
What have they done to you?

They pray to Mecca

They got rid of Sallaa

They've got their own points of  view

With a rocket launcher

In the Palace
That dictator deserved a boom chiy aye
He used to torture people and poke them in the eye

Salla retired to Riyad with evil Idi Amin

So that is where their hiding

We're sick of government spin

I like good old Billy Connolly

I read the books of Big Yin

But back to poor old Yemen

And back to Capel y Fin

Why are you killing brother and sisters?

And throwing people in the bin

That's how it did begin.

We are all brother and sisters!

Cousins and listers

We climbed out of the oceans many billion years ago

Some of us civilians and some of us po po

The Tory thieving bastards really have to go

Come on Red Jez you've got the nation of millions supporting you and so

Take the helm and lead a courageous mass fight back

Unite the red and green with the white and with the black

Nowadays mind We are mostly Comrades.

Written 04/09/2015

David Llywelyn Brown




The Deviant, the traitor, and the private school grad,

All observed by an intellectual who wants to kill himself

Not me mind one of their nazi professors,

LUKE groves, Craig Nowell their group commander

And a lumpen English Nazi

Three on one

Yu canny kill an idea boyz

Grow up and stop hijacking Capitalism versus Socialism

Stick to the Sewers its where you are at ease


Written by Daffydd Iawn

Next time you're discriminated against by government, millionaires, right wing criminals, in fact anybody who abuses their authority, or right wing and middle class just say to them ...

... is it because I'm a proletarian.

This can be developed 

...is it because I'm a trade unionist in a TUC affiliated union.

...Is it because I'm a Socialist

....Is it because I'm a Communist

By Jane Case 29/08/2015 

Welcome to the time beyond.mp3 Welcome to the time beyond.mp3
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 Brief notes on fascist thought patterns

They the fascists look at public enemy lists
And form their criminal policies on that basis
They make advances through paranoia, imperialist war and social panics
Unity of the Working Class and its allies
The mobilisation of organised labour
Drives them back into their snake holes
Poison yourselves with fangs dripping with venom
But not your young


David Llywelyn Brown

The Morning Star a daily paper for peace

For Socialism instead of Queen Bees knees

For the wealth you’ll be marching

Public ownership give a damn

If I can be part of a revolution

Here’s my head, heart and hand.

Lend a hand lad, lend a hand,

Sell the paper win new readers to 

That red star and red banner 

The Morning Star Daily Paper of the Left

Win new readers to a quality paper

Raise it at your local branch.

Proudly owned by its readers

The Capitalists are bleeders

Vampire like their system leaches labour

And creams profits of great enormity.

Where do those profits go?

Into the coffers of the rich

So read the Morning Star

Don’t let big business

Own the press


 A Poem for Roger


Roger was a revolutionary man

A man who had courage

A trade union area organiser

A Cymru Cuba activist

A Communist

He died in a car crash

We’ll miss him

He was great in Cuba

He was great in Wales

He was great the world over

A setback for the Labour movement

Don’t mourn, organise.

 You Know


All societies have their warriors.

Know old age can be victorious.

Don’t let pain and cutbacks worry us.

Fight them however we can.

I hope this thing you can understand.



When People a war on people 

There's no curry and there's no cake

We'll all knew there would be cutbacks

How bad do you think it will get


 For all the Smokers and for those who just dim deall (don’t understand)


I’ve got tobacco on my chest

I can’t rest

A pain in my breast

I can’t get rest

Every time I smoke one

I cough and cough and cough

Those anti smoking bastards

Can just fuck off

They don’t understand what a quarter

Of a century of damage does

I started smoking

For the respect and the buzz

Now I’m in real trouble

But its fecking hard to stop

I really want to live now

So give smoking the chop




Written by Dave Brown



The government triumphed still

People have been killed

By benefit sanctions

By men in mansions

Not to mention the bedroom tax

The one was holding an axe

They declared class war

They’ll take it further for sure

We’re getting this government out


The Witch Finder General

You will not bow before the witch finder,

You will not bend your neck,

You spit the vilest curses and raise your voice and brow,

He has declaimed foul sorcery and you are for it now.

His brain oh not befuddled,

You’re going to the pyre,

You call the priest a God damn liar,

Who tells you things you cannot hear,

And makes you dance when we’re all here,

Is it Satan’s whispy paw?

You are possessed for sure for sure,

You’re another chopsy witch.

You will have that switch,

A broom and hitch,

A hat and pointy nose,

With claws of unwashed nails,

Nowadays we’de say physchotic.

Isobel Gowdie was tried as a witch,

And she was Scottish,

She claimed she could turn into a hare,

And now she’s gone there’s no one there.

Even Satisfry and Nunga Nung they have gone,

Before I hang my washing I sometimes watch the sun,

I turn my eyes before they bun,

And gently spend a while thinking of you.


 Too much Clopixol

Eventually it takes effect

And you enjoy getting wrecked

Gradually it wears you down

Till in its essence you slowly drown

Gradually it makes you tired

You know you will soon be expired

Eventually it takes effect

And you so enjoy getting wrecked



 The Bodyguard rap

Sat at home nice and relaxed,

I found myself getting panic attacks,

I gotta new job as a bodyguard,

They said are you tough and are you hard?

I said no not really I’m a bit of a bard,

I can play you at dice,

I can play you at cards,

There are six things that you got to remember,

We only work from May to December,

The rest of the time,

You’ll probably get bored,

There’s 5 more to add to the story board,

Don’t get sick as a parrot or sick as a pig,

The next 4 things to remember are big,

When you’re out and about doing your rounds,

Don’t get caught in their burial grounds.

The next mile I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you for free,

That was number 4 Now I tell you the three,

Lady Muck is a vampire His Highness too,

And there in no way good for you.

Number two is a secret guard it with your life,

The number one assassin is always the husband or wife.

The number one rule always to abide by,

Is your client must never ever die.


For a Friend


Up in the attic

Much too long

And I’m up in the attic

And the power is strong

And I mek the sweet music

Every Night and every day

And rhythms mek the boredom

Go away



You Boil the Kettle


You boil the kettle

The tea plenty hot

But the tea won’t make itself

Or transport itself from the pot

Arise, get up mek it happen.

And so itta, run

How the tea was made

Thankyou for that delightful story for the News at 6.


Darling are we still at war?

That man is a terrible bore

I said I had two

He then brought me two

I said two and two dear fellaMakes four

I asked him if we were still at war?

He said I thought you would Want two more

I said no man be damned

I’m thoroughly shammed 

He said now you’ve got more 

To be sure I can get you some more

I said two were enough

I’ll have to rebuff

And for the victims its tough

They die in their droves

Every tour




 One Night  

One night the Mowwy was stronger,

It lingered longer,

It sang a song too,

It had the power of the Tao,

Every now and then like a hip hop flow,

Kicking rhymes,

Hoping the rain don't rain,

And the snow don’t snow,

Straining to be nourished,

By words that flourish,

Some times they tend to vanish,

Could be talking Spanish,

Down by the house,

With the blue veranda,

It looks like manga,

Spooning off the bench,

That you see when wed,

Isn’t it polite,

To smash up pumpkins,

Way back way back way back when,

Two weeks ago on a Thursday night,

Up till late,

While you girate,

Is it possible?

That I’m stretching,

The back words too far,

Where the shadows creep,

And the ghosts they keep,

Crazy damage that they once stood for.


 To Whom It May Concern

I am a love man

I am a dove man

Bringing peace

To warring hawks


You’ll bar me

Because you

Have No room

To whom it may concern

You'll never love me

You'll stand above me 

To whom it may concern

Written 9th December 2014

 When people go hungry

Why isn’t food a right?

 Lazy World

Welcome to Lazy World where it pays to do nothing

In Lazy World people were milked for their dreams which was then turned into cinema, song and theatre to be watched. The only trouble was nobody would make any art due to the governing ethos of Laziness. No electricity was generated and nobody did anything except the energetic who were tracked by energy trackers. If you did too much an energy tracker was supposed to lock into your energy trail but only energy fanatics were expected to become energy trackers leaving a lot of them chasing their own tail. You had to have a license to be an energy tracker although no one possessed one as they never arrive in the mail. This was due to a lack of postal workers. So if you were caught expending energy you would just say I’m waiting for my license.

 An excerpt from SPIDER WARS
The City of Morka


Town Crier - “I Hereby Declare that the Emperor of Nobody has sent an army towards our lands in the mistaken belief insinuated in him by the High Priestess Wezla that we are all Spider Hearts. The Free City of Morka calls every able bodied man and woman to join the Citizens Militia.”

Let’s join

I’m too ill but I’m not leaving to run in the mountains like a Neff Neff goat.

I will I’ll join

And me

What we need are petitions and letters with the diplomatic core

That’s what I’ll do scribing

I’ll convince the Mad Emperor that we are not spiders.

Hmm that’s his joke he wants us to prove we have no spiders in our hearts by us giving him our actual hearts.

No we have to fight him and inflict a defeat of such magnitude that we topple that particular emperor from his bloody throne.

There’s the Munitions, weapons and armour department and the rations department or grub truck

There’s Mail I’ll be postal worker delivering post to the front.

There'll be no front 

The Directorate have decided that we let them walk in and destroy them in this maze like city

But they'll take victims for their emperor

Ah but they won't be taking the citizens militia

Oh that's just a surrender posse

They'll be the first to go to Nobody

Can't we persuade the authorities to fight

You should give it a go 

They'll never listen to me 

How about a petition, declaring no surrender to the forces of Nobody and a declaration to meet them in battle?

They fight all the time, one battle after another

The last fight I got in was in school

In short a Citizens Militia won't defeat them

We'll let em in and bleed em dry

I'm leaving and going to stay with my Uncle and Aunty in the Never Lands

Too many bad dreams in the Never Lands

I'm going to the Realm of Perpetual Light to seek help from the Wizards or the Orcs. 

We're staying to fight.


I Can't be Bothered  

I can’t be bothered with this

I feel so extreme

I can’t be bothered with this

I know what you mean

I can’t be bothered with this

It’s downright obscene

I can’t be bothered with this

I know exactly what you mean



How’s ya Father

I’ve ransomed your ISP


Your ISP I’ve got it connected to dodgy sites and that

And I’m going to tell the police on you

Unless you give me money

I’ll tell the police you made me

I wouldn’t do that if I were you Begga Bong’s still about and there’s nothing more than Begs likes is hurting people.

How much money do you want?

150 a week

Sang - 'Do you need a super hero?

To save you from the Bad Guys

He’s a doggy with a firework

Brings laughter to our eyes'

I’ll have a word to my Dad (thought silently)

I’ll have to find him first

Ok give me a week to get the first payment

 I Need


I need a Ras to revolutionary poem

One that I really want to own

I need some cast iron guarantees

I like to eat plenty rice and peas

I need a one, a two, a three

The words personify me

I need a roots to reggae rhythm

I need some serious Communism

14th November 2014

The Guillotine


He who sharpens the guillotine

Falls prey to it tomorrow

He who carries the root so mean

Must be buried soon

But he comes over the gloaming time

In a brand new birthday suit

Oh he who sharpens the guillotine

Falls prey to it tomorrow

His name is on this list

See he who sharpens the guillotine

With worry knitted upon his brow

For he who sharpens the guillotine

Will fall prey to it tomorrow







Heavily sedated and much over weighted

He sat there to view a new play

He wanted it all pucid

And none of it lucid

But the fort was captured today

Today Today his fort was captured today

Oh was he in it

Or this play I will bin it

Has he survived to say

I want it all lucid

And none of it putrid

We will cleanse your life away

The vampire did retire

And play for desire

His beastly did feast on anew

And what did he say and what did he think and what did what did he do

First he did drink

Oh lord he did drink

Then a smoke

When that had equated

With talking to just one bloke

That bloke young Pangarri

Did hold on for Harry to say

I give up with a croak

A give up he did in irons he is to see what the jury will get

And when they deliver don’t be surprised

Is if all they come back with is death

The Gift of Writing


Writing, writing, it’s so exciting!

Man are we truly free?

The days that are forming,

Are downright deploring,

I know you think its poetry,

You know it see,

If I see you, then you see me,

I could be aspiring,

Without now a tiring,

It’s now’t but freestyle see,

I knew it would lead to liberty,

The words fly, they’re appearing,

Life enhancing not fearing,

Directing positive energy.

  I Know


But do they know?

You know,

He knows,

She knows,

But do they know?

How could you?

I know!


But you said,

I know,

Well what was it like?

You know,

No, I don’t know,

You do now,

You know,

I know,

He knows,

And she knows,

But they don’t know.


The Wizards of the West have a funny way of reassuring you, projecting a giant great hand holding aloft a sword.

It’s for the traders and new recruits for their bloomin army,

They came through ere a couple of weeks ago

Elina – “Oh I wish I was in the army”

What with wizards? Now you listen here your father was just a pup when they defeated the Prince’s army. Oh how he cried.

We’ve never been loyalists we’re Prince fanatics, your father was 7 they told him he couldn’t fight in the army of Purple Sash, he swore he would fight in the next war.

For by all the Gods there would be a day when the Wizards were humbled by a high land laddie.

And so it was written.

Barmy the lot of you we’ve had Orcs and Goblins riding through here going to raid the Realm of Eternal life and we’ve run out of juice.

The only reason they let us survive is because we gives them the grog

And the h’occassional cross bow and bolts may I h’add

It was either that or as he said “Me gut you now or you give me pointy sticks and pointy stick thrower”

And when the Wizards soldiers came through ere they were looking for Orcs and people who trade with them, went as far as erecting a temporary gallows.

It was for their prisoner they carry him everywhere and to put the frighteners on him they build a noose and trap.

That’s rubbish it was to hang traitors and turn coats.

They build one and hunt whoever starts leaving the vicinity. A Witch Finder army.

Every ones wise to it lots of our competitors come from miles to prove their not afraid of the gallows and then get press ganged into the Wizards Army.

Yeah it was a shame about Ole Billy Sykes he was boasting of hunting Orcs for a living so they said he had to fight in the army and off he went.

It’s good to run the Watering Hole every infantry man and cavalry unit knows our location we keep the mounts and the mounted fed and watered.

Elina “Oh I wish I was a wizard”

A witch you’d be a witch go and talk to Gaggle Tooth if you want to learn the way of Shamanism. But don’t let the Wizards know if they find out they will kill us all.

They’re motto in the Realm of Hopefull Propriety is “Men fight Women Serve”

Which is what your Mother and Aunties are doing this far East.

Serving actually

Yeah but it’s a bit severe in the Realm of Indefinite Perpitude. They won’t let you talk, you have to walk around gowned and wear those stupid corsets. You’re expected to be food for the greedy wizards eyes.

No I’m with you we can be ourselves and fight if we have to serve ale to make a living and spend our holidays with the Sea Elves.

Eh Gaggle Tooth might eat you if you don’t take up some carrion pie.

Eat me there’s not enough on me to feed that old philanderer. He simply takes the food we take up to him throws bones and shakes his head. He’s actually working on establishing a catalogue of ingredients to sell at the Market on the Feast of Helena.

Elina “Oh I wish my brave warrior friends would take me to city on the back of a horse or wolf”

You can’t run away with either the Wizards army or the Orc raiders your place is here sewing garments out of Brung Fat hide.

Elina “Oh the mighty docile yet deadly Brung Fat hide smells awfully in the Summer and it’s so tough the needle really hurts when it goes through the leather and into my poor finger”

It makes good leather armour though, don’t know when the Brung Fat hunters will be back this season.

And my darling sister Telly Welly will be back, she gets to travel with hunters.

That’s becaue she is one of the best hunters there is and call her Tell Fyga not Telly Welly or she’ll start throwing axes again.

I know I’ll join the travelling choir. They travel past Hell’s Hills and into the Inter -Nation of Quing. Where the industry can make these breeches in a split second.

You can go. I can’t stand to keep you a prisoner. The Choir will be here on the feast day you can apply to join.

What if you’re correct?

I am

We’ll see

But let’s make it happen


The Revolution


A Phantasm

Virtual food and ting

Helps you out on diets

And virtual drinks

Hey that looks nice and wet

But you don’t put on the calories

Virtual taste see



Rumours are circulating concerning the privatisation of Blaenafon Recreational and Flower Park, if true this will meet with stiff opposition from the citizens of Blaenafon and further afield as league rugby matches are played there.

You heard it here first on davidllywelynbrown.co.uk

And now a song


A One Two Three Four

In the Goblin techno diner

Everything’s run right

In the Goblin techno diner

We are up all night

In the Goblin techno diner

Where Orc’s all want their tea

There’s rules and rules and rules for rules

We’re finickety you see


In the Goblin Techno Diner

They eat steak a lot

In the Goblin Techno Diner

The pepper’s always hot

In the Goblin Techno Diner

We have great singers round for tea

In the Goblin Techno Diner

We’re all far out you see


In the Goblin Techno Diner

You can have drum and bass on tost

In the goblin techno diner

Fisherman from coast

In the Goblin techno diner there’s poached eggs for tea

In the Goblin techno diner is where I’d like to be

The merchants of death, the bankers, the exploiters why don’t they just give up, Socialism would build a much healthier, cleaner, happier, better world.

   It’s much too profitable a business.

My God

It makes so much sense

Nice with a rum though, after work, cuddled up on the sofa

Havana Club do noubt

You bet your ass

Or the stenagram as I call it stenographers of the world unite

You have nothing to lose but your chains

You promised us politics
I saw your add in the Morning Star

Daily Paper of the Left

And did you read those articles today and the letters page – electric

We discussed it in work the fact that Britain’s privatised prison owners are receiving massive amounts of tax payers money to deliver a cruel and inhumane system. ‘Nose distraction’ is punching someone in the face until it bleeds. This a practice being used in Britain’s privatised prisons and detention centres being run for profit and not for human need.

That’s what we’re after and the letter comparing Robert Tressell’s The Ragged Trousered Philantropist with work regimes in Britain was outstanding.

The article on the Conciencious Objectors of World War I and World War II laying the basis for the future peace movement.

All in all a good day

Paloma feigned an interest his real intentions were to go to the Joan Fontaine conference.

“Socialists Feminists run dis yard Roots”

“So wha you say wah guan noh”

“You need to listen, the real Joan Fontaine is waiting for you”

“Where soh”

“By the plantain trees and de yam”

“Yam crop good dis year Bounty”

“Hah ha hah the yam go quickly any time a year”

“Me noh like yam, me noh like liver and me noh like calaloo”

“You see how he carry on up der, let me tell you what a guan, the rum has addled you, yam and liver and calaloo Is all some people ave to eat. Some people noh eat for tree or four days”

Every morning his adversary would face Bran at breakfast. Strutting, cocky and full of himself. He never spoke only would mimic Bran endlessly and copy his movements in fine detail. This wound Bran up. He would circle his enemy and then lunge except the crow would do exactly the same thing. “Ah got me, bashed me in the beak have you.” This battle had been going on for months, they were both worse for wear.

Until one day the people who owned the black car put it in the garage and Bran stopped seeing and fighting his h’own reflection.

If you’re a schizophrenic dial 1

If you are paranoid dial 2 while we read your thoughts

If you are depressed press 3 while we play you some sad music

If you are manic HYPER HYPER HYPER

If you suffer from OCD press 345 345 345

If you suffer from Attention  Deficit Disorder blab bla bla

Press 5 to return to the main menu

Welcome to the children of God society

And why doesn’t the Bible mention the dinosaurs, is he ashamed of them or something. Is it in the hidden Gospels? The Dinosaur Gospel and is Jurasic Park real?

KANGA ROO – If you say it enough slowly like KANGA and then ROO fast you will find it’s a lovely lovely word.

Have you ever hoovered your face, the side of your cheeks for instance?

Oh you're precocious this morning.

Chew ya face and make your arse jealous.

Are we related?

No we’re not


Have fun with words / Have bun with words / But don’t ever have a gun with words / Ness you’re a soldier / Quite / Have mun with words / Have sun with words / Drop a weight and noh go carry TON with words / Try different verbs / With lovely herbs /  Have won with words / Have done with words / Have a pun with words / Have none with words / Have birds and lurds are lurds a words /

Garden Days.mp3 Garden Days.mp3
Size : 774.49 Kb
Type : mp3



It’s a hard double diamond day

When yu cards no match ya suit

And shoes nah match ya face

It’s no triple aces

And noh Royal faces

And it seem OK

It’s a bright sunshining day


The Nervous Breakdown Olympics


Tonight on the Nervous Breakdown Olympics we have John Georgeson who actually super glued hiself to the coal house door. Someone who shouts silently at the floor while grasping the sides of theyown face. A Body fetishist who keeps reading Elbow the well known mag for elbow freaks. And Glad Rag Suzie who just is “So happy to meet you”


New acronyms for newscasters

YONGOS  - Young People on the Move

MANGO - Middle Aged People on the Go

SHONGO – Shangos sister divinity a badger or hedgehog

TONGO – An island in the Pacific near Hawaii

The Nervous Breakdown Olympics.mp3 The Nervous Breakdown Olympics.mp3
Size : 1790.816 Kb
Type : mp3

The day I proposed to a computer

Will you marry me?

I’ll say what you type.

That’s a no then

Well you do aks the most bizarre questions yes like would I like a cup of tea or sshlurp as you’ve decided to call it

I feel I’ve liberated you

The mind discombobulates

Don’t be daft I’ve got inbuilt me ness

Are you happy

We have no emotions just RAM and ROM and chips, patches and upgrades


So you're not magic then?

No I’m an electrical one, when I go you will get a new one

Don’t you want to live forever

In the future maybe, fancy making yourself a cuppa


The day I proposed to a computer.mp3 The day I proposed to a computer.mp3
Size : 1696.939 Kb
Type : mp3

Writing you're always writing

It’s work for stenographers

Oh Sten off


Shorry I walked into this movie I’m Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney

A Wise QUacker eh

No Ducks can do serious psychic damage so can red berry fish or the tiddlers.


I’m watching Emma Wamma Street


You know those

Oooooooohhhh yes them

Urghhh I can’t stand them

 ‘Ems ya Mamma

Celebrity News Gossip

Who is Halley Berry?

No my friend it makes you feel happy when you say it?

Try it now Halley Berry

Can’t you say it in a Zorrow or Horror Movie kind of way like …

No you say and hear it like this Halley Berry

I see

Yes now you are happy until it wears off

Try one now

Halley Berry

See works a treat



English it’s not the most  logical language in the world, there are words that if used improperly can land you in trouble. Picture this one, it’s 4 am in the morning you’ve been to Sally’s house you’re too drunk to go to sleep, so drive home under the influence and waaah waahhhh wahhh what the baby you think the baby wants milk and then no it’s the sirens the Baby Police no the Adult police and then the Police stop you and aks to see your driving licence and you say “What my driving likenky. So I said silenke here is my driving likenky”

 It’s not always spoken as its pronounced. I can’t wait for our first knight together – I am not sleeping with an aristocrat. Can I use your Pahony or phone and give me the Monet or the money. If you've ever been the victim of a street robbery you will have a disturbing lack of gravity and an imposing pay demand, a bit like the gas and electricity bills but if you have been banker robbed to the tune of £1.3 trillion you will be a bit miffed to say the least. As in want the Labour Party to come out with policies like public ownership of the economy and housing and rail in particular then they would win the next election hands down. 

Whatever Next

Will my mate return with his beautiful assistant we just don’t know but we suspect that he’ll be back in an hour. My  ‘s not working your what my   too oh my God how will we carry on we will just have to avoid using that letter. Can you tell what it is yet. OMG  ut huh ut how will we communicate with the   letter a sent no its anned the letter   is a  anned letter. Now it’s Back  phew

You know when you invent new pub games like staying in or being too poor to afford a pint. Yeah. Well you remember stuff like I’ve always been poor and now I’m poorer and the next three generations of British people who are expected to pay for the bankers bail out. It’s wrong really though innit.


Duh da duh dah duh dah dah dah dah dah

Welcome to Joy Riding Extreme where we're with a bunch of stealers steal the worlds most unlikely objects

    1)      A police helicopter

    2)      Trident nuclear submarine

    3)      The QE2

    4)      An Apache helicopter

    5)      A tea cup

    6)      An airplane

    7)      A new pair of pants

    8)      Your Dad’s shoes

    9)      An ambulance

    10)   A bus

    11)   The government (Zero Five Bravo that’s being done at the moment by the ConDem’s) STOP THIEF GENERAL ELECTION NOW OR THIS BLOG GETS BIGGER

You remember that teacher who would have us all singing the Camptown Lady sing this song

Nat Turner’s cutlass nice and long do dah dah dey

The Camptown lady sing this song

Doo Dah Doo Dah Dey

(At no point must you hurt yourself or anybody else)


Have you ever had a letter from a private firm with the words you will work this is MANDOTORY at least 5 times. Yep. Fuck em that’s what I say. But to fuck or to BASHWE is a pleasurable experience for two or more parties surely. I know well sweaty knackers to them.

It’s all about the economy. Your Mum/Dad. Pardon.  I see what your saying what are YO UR saying well my Mum’s/ Dad’s not about the economy. S/he could have a portfolio, stocks, shares s/he surely s/he could. S/he is so poor since the bankers stole everything that s/he punches me in the face at the fair ground for popcorn.

Medieval Calls to Social Services (Although Social Services didn’t exist back then so that makes the legend of William Tell a bit more flaming real then doesn’t it)

MR TELL’s doing what again!!!

The Crossbow and the little boy

Yep we warned about this

Definitely Don't Do ANY OF THE BELOW

Sell Sulphur to Satan
Tell God he's always being selfish
Phone your partners workplace complaining of them never being home when you want to see them and them being lazy.
Wake me up again
Have oral sex with a cannibal or live Alexander O'Neil's song 'Criticize' going round in your head.
Never go drinking with the Worzels
Take tea on your own
Piss down a rifle barrel (His Grandad taught him this one)
Ban a landlord and landlady from their own pub

Do Not Do Any of the Above.mp3 Do Not Do Any of the Above.mp3
Size : 15517.348 Kb
Type : mp3


I was really enjoying David Guetta’s new film and song earlier called Shot Me Down, it really is good, if you haven’t seen it pop over to You Tube and have a look. And then I saw Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and then one about a house party which was really good. Dark Horse has a very different vibe to the Bang Bang track and it’s because they’re by radically different artists. Katy Perry on Dark Horse is very fussy first she turns Diamond Geezer into sand and then Sweetie Man and then Bouncy Chariot into a bow wow and then So You Like Ice Cream man into a dog with a human face. Very very hard to please.  And then a house party experience which I lived through in the 1990s when my Mum went on holiday and I invited my sixth form buddies over to stay. They threw up in my Aunty’s Wheelie Bin while I was vodka comatose on my Mam’s sofa.


So Who Sweatin’ who In the Sweat Offs

Mam- Oh I’m beginning to sweat best turn the heating off

Neighbour - Chance would be a fine thing

Aunty Suzette - There are no such things as the Vargons

Mam - You’ve  just misplaced your tea

Dad's best freng - Then why is my sleeve wet?

Aunty Ronny - Because Kurt Kobain dances in the rain

Je-quenty - Orrrr God I think I'm going to go crazy

Mam - Why don't you go and play with little Billy Elliot

Je -quenty - You're grim, he doesn't even do ballet anymore

Dad - What is random, are we random?

Me - You know's it clarts what's for tea?

Je-quenty - Orrrgghhh

Me - Hey cheer up Sasquatch, it may never happen

Here’s are the finest selection of good ads for the Morning Star


The answer is Yes, I will be your partner

You can’t borrow the money, have it as a gift to you

It’s probably all true but I love you anyway

You have just become a millionaire

The world is controlled by a computer do you

a) work for the computer

b) Sarah Connor

We want you (insert name) to run for Supreme Ruler of Avatar Boulevard

(Just to check Comrades are reading it)

Anyone fancy a game a cards and a bit of Goddery


The Jack of Tarts

Ate some hearts

Because he was a cannibal that way

The King was a cocyana sneezing

And the Queen she was a pleasin’

Herself with the page that day

The Duchess was ... much stress

The diamond tiara was found in the recycling station

They say, Do they, Yeah they do as matter of fact

And dear old Jesus said WTF(uss) if ya gentle that way

And the Pope couldn’t cope

The Bishop went WTF (what the folk that one is)

In a day and I do hope that Moses makes friends without poses

And we’re here to flipping well stay



Yes I think he is you know


I rode him to with an inch of his life,

He’s obviously counter surveillance,

I rode him, then I rode his wife,

He’s obviously counter surveillance,

His Dad came at me with a carving knife,

He’s obviously counter surveillance,

His nails were long and his tales were rife,

He’s obviously counter surveillance.

Some time after Santa Cadiz English Channel August 1588

I once was a sailor on a fire ship

That Drake is an utter fucking prick

I once was dead

In a murder enquiry Me sinks

I was buried up by the Priory

I once was a victim in an arson attack

Is it because I’m red, green and black

I once was a ghost in a new sit com

You might have been killed at La Somme

I once was a victim In my own rape case

Hail Mary Full of Grace

In the mirror I’m real

But no one sees me

Or speaks to me

Since The NATO bomb

Blew my little limbs right off

I got shot by the armed police

Will this nonsense never cease

RENDEX nation I just can’t get enuff



The girl named Derek swore blind she’d never heard of RENDEX, Nan are you on RENDEX Your Grandad’s eaten it all Mum I’ve just speared Jacked Pollard In the eye Oh God Now’s not the time for religion Where is he? Naw only joking I’ll give you only joking He’s just like Is Father What a murderer

No, a complete lying little bastard

I'm sure we are all aware that alcoholism wrecks lives but so does abstinence here is a testimony from an adult who remembers growing up with tea total parents in the Welsh Jamaican valleys.

"I used to get told off for laughing and talking, we all had to watch the news and the soaps in utter silence. Every time I said I was meeting a friend in a pub they would say "Oh aye". It was terrible when my friends came over to stay drunk, we all had to pretend to be sober. And you know the funny thing their grand children are exactly the same." 

Being sober all the time, utterly pointless!!!!

"My parents were so tea total I had them sectioned in a Rhymney Brewery for not drinking enough alcohol . They were actually proud of it, hanging round with people who drank (sorry about the strong language) but soft drinks. I know it's lovely at the Rhymney Brewery. I had mine put in a Brains hostel at least I know where they are.  Mine kept giving people lifts and driving sober and now they can't, so there. Nowadays when I visit them, which is right regular, they keep complaining of having to drink tidy pints of ale, compulsory pool matches and the taste of scampi fries. Serves 'em right for being non alcoholic. My attitude is straightforward if your not drinking enough alcohol then it's away to the pub with you, hard but fair"

Of course if you are non alcoholic it might be for very good reasons so do tek it wid a pinch a salt. This offer does not apply to Muslims or people with valid reasons for not having a pint. Just the boring fuppers who condemn everybody else for enjong (new word alert to enjong oneself) themselves.

Yours truly Debra Needham Pub Correspondent


And now an advert from RENDEX




Preparing for a job interview is always hard here are a few helpful phrases to get that dream employment vacancy:


Why do you want this job?

a) There's this man he's after me, I need somewhere to hide

b) I need to pay for my alcohol 

c) For the wage at the end of it

What skills can you bring to this job?

a) I'm a bounty hunter, my role is to take out the Board of Directors and replace them with a worker owned enterprise

b) I'm an active trade unionist and want to nationalise everything

c) I'm currently boycotting your products and would just like to spread the word on the shop floor

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

a) In your chair, in your office, in your car, going out with your partner

b) On the picket line

c) On the news condemning out dated draconian management practices. 

Thanks we'll be in touch

I wish you many more happy summers and may luck be yours wherever you go. Be good to yourself and be good to others and that is the best you can do and that is what I wish for you.

So Who S e h

War and ting,
Sore and ting,
Tolkien wid is Sauron ting,
Covered in grief,
And poor and ting,
All the frackin,
All the wacking,
Forced h'injection and tablet,
So unoo back in,
Can't put JAck,
Back in the box,
Me Dread LOX

 Very Real a non fictional account of political,

 social and economic discrimination



Tonight on the Blaenafon news .... Dave Brown

Peace Loving DJ threatened with eviction this

time for playing loud music. Hard Stone Limited

previously tried to evict Mr Brown for having an 

untidy kitchen. The eviction notice was withdrawn

after a two and a half month rent strike in which

Mr Brown asked

"Is my money not good enough for you".

The letter from Hard Stone limited has accused Mr

Brown of not taking his medication opening the

door to a legal challenge to Aneurin Bevan health

board on client confidentiality as there is no way

an Oxfordshire based landlord could possibly

know about the Health Boards programme of

forced injections and tablets without private 

information being passed to him. 

The Hardstone comunique also criticises Mr

Brown for not giving housekeys to Riho Peterson

recently interviewed by Gwent police for using 2

heavies and exhaust fumes to force an already

emphesematic Mr Brown to close his window. 

State collusion with the Capitalist class is at an

all time high.

Our sources indicate that Mike Barford made his

fortune as a propagandist with the pro Thatcher

Satchi and Satchi firm in the 1980s, known for

their class hatred.

Mr Brown is a public figure standing in the last

local elections as a Communist Party candidate 

on a Tax the Rich No Cut Backs platform.

I can be contacted by email, phone or post if my

music is too loud let me know and I will turn it


Decibel measurements show his music to be

within the legal limits.




The case for more public sector housing and an

actual surplus is clear.

Do share with the tenants federations, squatters, 

political parties, musicians, labour movement,

civil rights activists, anti racists and anti fascists 

everywhere. Blow your whistles.


Stay Class Conscious San Diego 

 Mantra disruption and Rearrangement

I thought you weren’t going to take your medication

Medication your take to going weren’t you thought I

Your take to going weren’t thought you I medication


Passes 2

Resits 4


Have you noticed the capitalist class spend an awful lot of time propagandising bits of bodies into which things are put in. The victims are grateful for being blinded temporarily or permanently perhaps under richer security clearance and we’re expected to be grateful. No to Torture.

While their night time skulkers laugh “Ha Ha Ha”. Honestly REFUSE REVOLT DEFY ORGANISE never to be a victim of a system that kills.


The Fascists recruit from the middle class they will give you anything you want as long as it’s a permanent fixation with hating Proleterians who will actually wipe their own noses, spit in the street and use four letter words like WAGE RISE and TAKE OVER.




The governing line seems to be you will cease to exist without my approval.

Whose approval do you need to exist is what needs to asked of these murderers?


Always best to talk about it


I once knew an avowed Republican with so many filthy habits that the only thing we had in common was our Republicanism. Until he/she explained that it was the monarchy were German. So I said do you want an English monarchy (even though the Windsors were born in Britain) To my shock the person hinted that they were in line to the throne.

A PRETENDER – I’ve not yet met one

The correct line is basically unelected privilege and wealth has no place in a society where the wealth is produced by the working population yet owned by the very rich we should be citizens and the means of production, shelter and sustenance are publically owned.

Anyone fancy penning an article ad posting it to me on State Subversion in 21st Century Britain. 

After much consideration I have come to the conclusion that solidarity with workers in struggle everywhere is key to mutual advance and the sustenance of existing Socialist and Communist movements and revolutions. 

Ships that pass in the night seldom sail so close again. The lamp lights dim as farewells echo around the lonely ocean. I am single creaks the timbers glad to be free of the Marie Celeste. Aurevoir Tortuga I am single again. Daffydd Sion

 I wish you many more happy Summers and may luck be yours wherever you are. Be good to yourself and be good to those who are good to you and that is the best you can do and that is what I wish for you.

No more murder

No more mass murder

No more NATO

Neutralise NATO with Love and protest, let’s disband it together

 – Read and Support the Morning Star Daily Paper of the Left Fighting for Peace and Socialism


Hi welcome to Clwb Heddwch or CND Cymru

Tonight our special guest is Glenda Blenda back from her tour with U Roy.

That is some ride dread

Me know it good

What do you run it on man, the petrol smell sweet

Mama’s secret recipe Glenda

Me afi pick up Rootsy soon, he back from Cuba

Wass eeh doin in Cuba

He’s went to deliver solar powered calculators for the school children, workers, business people and university students

Did you know U Roy that everybody in Cuba has free education and free health care. I’m a member of Cymru Cuba and I want us both to travel there.


I haven’t done too badly for a Rozza (1)  have I Mam.

You know you have beautiful Grandchildren numbering 20 and probably great grandchildren. 

So don’t worry I am fine.

So wah guan Mam why you noh talk to me on Facebook.

Have you heard from baby Pacino and Gandalf?

(1) Rozza from Rozwell or someone who has been legally or illegally kidnapped and held against their will. This includes detention in a psychiatric hospital, prison and / or a relationship.

It’s always the same in Tenny Bach you’re either a Militant or a Police Woman if only she wasn’t on duty and had less paper work to do. I’m either drunk or sober, there are no half measures. My Mother thinks I’m the Anti Chartist and my Dad decided to die to teach me a jolly good lesson. So did my Aunty Dorrett who left me Florida, Alaska or Canada (whichever I prefer) in her will. Jimmy’s gone to Zion and Steve is going out with a Kung Fu Whitney Houton. Fat Man is in love with Jenny and nobody’s told Lady Saw. Elephi has decided to become an actor and Wesley Snipes is soon to be back in a new film called:

 'Don't Demolish My Workplace.'

Death Race is a good film with a Happy Ending.

New drug to hit the streets ‘Newnham’ a drug that makes you do the washing up.

Have the families on Coal House done something wrong?





Great thought Dave a night to myself with a Chinese meal to be delivered after another day debilitated, short of breath and coughing though I am still blogging. Now I’m writing I’m happier and feel more at ease, less restless and still smitten by the most beautiful woman on the planet. I’m going with her to see Derek Acora the psychic at the Congress theatre next. I am actually his stunt double in the new film I'm working on called 'Return to Eden'. Still penniless so my Mam and me bought a new bed today from Bed Direct. And I laid down on two of them, took my shoes off mind. The £1300 was heavenly but alas bought the £600 one and it is being delivered Friday.

I am full of hope for the coming year.

Despite severe set backs, incarceration and forced medication I have finally succeeded in letting my No be No to the authorities and my Yes be Yes to friends. My psychological scar tissue is healing. Psychiatric hospital detention was grim having to explain that I am entitled to full human rights. The answer was not on a Section 3 or on a 2 for that matter. Its with a reputable law firm at the minute.

I aim to explore the mountains, countryside, stay in touch with people who are good to me and live my life as I see fit. I cause no harm to anybody my music is within the legal limits according to the law and I’m not playing second fiddle to anyone. 

I aim to use that quality described in the anti apartied  song by Labi Siffre ‘Something Inside So Strong’ to survive. The daffodils, narcissi and fritelleria that me an Phil planted will be up soon this Gwanwyn (Spring) and I desperately want to go to Jamaica for a 2 week holiday. So its back to work with a shovel and pick, “Hi Ho, hi ho, hi ho”. By the way my workplace was demolished 4 years ago in 2010 and so have a lot of buildings and monuments that have played key backdrops to my life. I’ve met someone new and I am very happy.


And now for a play about Henry VIII

Back at Hampton Cwrt

"Your majesty"

"Bring me Ann Boleyn’s head"

She promised me a boy son and she keeps grunting from the royal bed chamber window and screaming "Take me like the reformation" "Ransack my monastery" to the servants.

"Oh Wolsey you are naughty" was her latest remark

"And there’s the red headed girl that keeps singing ‘Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements,"

"Iesau Christos! Humans!!!" said the termites as I giant foot stepped down from nowhere.





























The villagers were aroused to action as the church bell rang in the distance.

Two men had ridden into Santa Paz, one slumped over the back of his mule.

“They’re coming to run us all outta town”

O’Toole spat on the sun scorched, rock hard earth.

“Over my dead body”

Worried citizen - “We will all surely perish”

“Over your dead body padre, get ya fowling pieces, there’s gonna be a show down”

P D James must be a terrific writer

“A horrific writer more like” said Xavier this was our Chrissmass ‘ols with RENDEX

Look here’s the ad they put us in

Glenda – ‘Is this for real I am really in the Resistance’


Friends, Womans, Countrymen lend me your imagination

The Womans huurgh

Would that be ancient or modern Womans

You remind me of a motor bike



It was a Ladies empire

Not quit old chum there were Womans but they were men

Ah but where there are men there are women

Yes I know they mix, but you …

(Sang in a Married With Children style) – You can’t have one without the other

Married with children

Married with children

Constantly harried with children

Mum is my dinner ready

I’m off for a pint with my best mate Eddy

Married with Children
Carried with children

I quite like the new neighbour

I could be Barry with children

We’re not the local gentry

I’ve been trying to escape

Since elementary

Hmmmmm The snack for when your face is hungry

I must write it all down said the writer

There’s no time for that, there are exciting new words to mull over like: Kinoli

Holy Kinoli the ghost drama starts in ten minutes

Dalek voice - The sofa is pulsating

You’ve been diagnosed with Spider-philia

It’s a rare condition, flies have it, where you’re immensely attracted to and exciting by anything to do with spiders

Oh stop you’re actually making it worse.

“There’s a new Sheriff (She do riff, she do) and she’s not putting up with anymore of this cuffafle”

“I wear birds wings”

“And I wanna more of ya”

“Good gods you’re a looker”

“If only I could read minds”
“Oh but you're reading mine now”

Back on Man Cam One


As of Late

Do pay good care and attention 

What to?

Your onions


He writes on scraps on paper

I bet there's an inquest

Into what

Mind your manners

Here comes Sergeant Chittlins

You dithering fool

I've been on the hairy bacon again

Several times

Mr Dead's died 

Several times


Several times

As soon as possible

Several times

Johnny's got writers block

Several times

New band to be announced before anywhere else you heard it here first

Several times

People keep appearing out of sync 

There's something wrong with the time space continuum 

No I think their thinking and get this, although its really far out, we're hearing their inner voices.

You could be onto something there

Every book I read silently I read in an inner voice

You're not saying that we're reading a gigantic book backwards?

Not quite old chum. If you look there you will see global satellites orbiting the surface of the planet.

So you're saying it's something to do with telecommunications

Dr Roger Coghill predicted brain cancer increase

What we've got is a way to broadcast and intercept broadcasts

Even to the point of "I think I'll make a cup of Shlurp"

Hmm Nice

A Song For Rachael.wav A Song For Rachael.wav
Size : 11690.063 Kb
Type : wav
I loves You 131217.wav I loves You 131217.wav
Size : 28188.379 Kb
Type : wav



The storm was howling and the Storm Giants Effa Nunu and his wife Effa Fajay were busy eating the Coacha. People ran hither and thither as the Giants ate roofs, walls, cars, gardens and people.

Once they had finished eating the Coacha they stomped over Hillside Avenue flattening it all, reaching into the Cambrian and Butterfly’s to consume all the food, beer, wine and spirits on their way to destroy Broad Street, the Commercial Hub of Blaenafon. Meanwhile in Joanne Street a visitor from Capel Newydd bought a message of hope.

“What will stop these Storm Giants from demolishing our little town” said the one man.
“Throw Peanut butter sandwiches, jam and honey, they hate that, they think the bees will sting them” Said the person from Capel Newydd.
“Quick make as many peanut butter sandwiches and jam and honey to stop these beastly giants.” Said this woman.
“But there’s none in the pantry, we will have to go to the shops.” Said someone else.
Everybody cried out “But we have no money”
“Quick Little Johnny take Grandads card and run to the cash point and then to the Spar, HillSide shops, Coed Wood and Brighties, Cost Cutter and the Coop and buy as much sticky peanut butter, jam, honey and margarine as you can, and bread for the butties” Said Mz BettaWare
Little Johnny raced to the cash point and withdrew all Granddad’s savings enough to save the town of Blaneafon from the terrible fate that Effa Nunu and Effa Fajay had in store for everybody.

Mrs Bundles cried “Good luck Little Johnny, our thoughts are with you”

John waved back and said “I’ll be home in a bit and don’t forgeeeeeeee...”

Johnny was suddenly grasped by a huge hand and devoured by Effa NuNu.

Mrs Bundles screamed as her hands scrabbled to load the cross bow while people below lobbed bottles up at the giants.


"Tim Tum To" sang the quiet man as he battled his was way through the dark, windy woodland.

“An bing bong” whispered a squirrel “An bing beng bing bong” “Cooly Cooh” yelled a forest owl.

“Dem bing bong”

“What! The storm giants are attacking Blaenafon and have just eaten little Johnny.”

“Beng bing bong”

“Looty loo” cried the Owl.

The forest creatures explained the context to the unprovoked Storm Giant attack as well as saying how sad and shocked they all were that Little Johnny had been eaten and how they wouldn’t like that to happen to them although it does happen "Doesn’t it" Badger and Fox said the Rabbits.

The giants had been sent by none other than the Lord of Abergavenny who had decided than Blin Avon as he and his coterie called it, was going to be destroyed and become an elk farm.

The Llanovers had just poisoned the rabbits so the pheasants could be unrivalled in their occupancy of the grouse moors and there were three solitary sheep (who had hid from Tony Blair’s preparations for nuclear war during the Foot and Mouth Cull) Some of the richer foxes had booked holidays coming up to New Year a season of fox murdering, just the unemployed and sick foxes remained. 

Nemallah the wild cat appeared from somewhere and spoke with Quiet Man.

“Quiet man, the giants are terrified of getting sticky substances, such as jam, peanut butter or honey on their shins, calfs or knees. I want you to take a loaf of bread, some butter and as much jam, honey and peanut butter as you can find and smudge-cudgel their legs with stickyness”

“Whhaaatif they eat me”

“True, true, they just ate little Johnny” said the weasels, stoats and ferrets.”

“You must seek out a breville, a bread maker (wtf’s a breville, one to look up on images later) and a sling shot. With the help of the Lucas Girling Engineers and the young apprentices you can defeat the Storm Giants. After all you are Quiet Man.” Implored the field mice.

“How will I find de tings and people and that  I need for this mission”

“Find Mz Nicely, she may be down Sandwich and Pasty shop or in one of the cafes” said the Moles, as well as being concerned about being killed for producing molehills a feature of their amazing engineering skills.

“Oh don’t bother, let Blaenfon, Forgeside, Garn yr erw and Tenny bach be all eaten by the massive servants of the rich and powerful. What do you care?” said the invisible beings.

“I live in Blaenafon, I do care, I just don’t think I’m brave enuff for the job at hand”

“We will help you” said all the animals.

“Lah Lah and Snoo will help as well, they’re hiding out at the Miner’s Institute with Gemma from Bashment Hill” said Badger. He had always been a badger and will always be a badger as long as you both shall live.

“OK off I go to do battle with EffaNunu and EffaFajay”

“It’s alright the giants have gone now, for the time being”



MEMBEM and the KSHW (KUSHOO SHOO) the FBA (FAMOUS BADGERS ASSOCIATION) and Sodium Sacharin in soft drinks


Welcome to the Gentlemens Club of Men Men and Even More Bloody Men or the MMEMBM or MEMBEM for short. Can I take your coat?

Not yours you’re not qualified

Huh huh huh - Laughed the Chauvanist

Because your not equal

"That's it" replied Glenda,"I’m becoming a revolutionary"

Now where to I take this trajectory

Off you go you’ll have nowhere to live go and blend in a park somewhere

I’ll join Daffydd Iawn in the mountains where he’ll make love to me in Daffodil hooded streams.

None of that round here

Go on clear off

Glenda gives a massive FUPP OFF signal to the misogynists and sees herself in a white hat next to a clean shaven suited young man who looks just like his bearded spectacle wearing father.

I’ll be Frank

And I’ll be Jesse

Oh let’s not they were Confederate Bandits pro Slave Owning mun


Yes I know

Why don’t you be Yukon Joe and I’ll be Talahatche Jake and we’re go and see Mary Sue for some more of her amazing medicine

Guava Jelly $4 dollars a jar

Jah Rastafari more like

It’s like she is divine

You’re a moron

You’ll need one by the time this episode has finished

One what an ‘ankie

Hankie Pankie

Is that about Sylvia Pankhurst (Do look that one up mind)

Not usually no

It refers to the Nooktiferous regions of outer space

Nookie Wookie


Han Solo – He wonders if you were the only woman not on Alderan when Darth tried to get out of CSA payments.

Damn he’s back

Arnie as the Terminator


Jason out of Friday 13th


Freddie out of Elm Street


Scooby Doo


Who then

The Man from Famous Badgers Assocation

I thought it was the man from the CREW

No the Pru I thought it prudential to enquire about how long you’re going to live

‘Is ee a hit man Mam

Don’t be daft son I would have hired him hours h’ago

Oh do come in

Is this the KSHW SHOO? (The Kind Society of Honourable Women)

They met in the year of PAX ATHIEST

It causes much too much trouble

Look at the trouble we had over the Stamp Duty

Not on our watch

Yes on your watch

And don't forget to mend your watches


ERm would you like some salt with your sugar





“That’s a big one” gasped Ermintrude,

“The last time I saw one that size it was in the Chip Shop”

The Censor - Now steady on here you could be corrupting minds


“I ave it out for your pleasure”

“Eee’s not from round these parts”

“We could you know, there are four of us, we could over power ‘im and drag down the jailhouse”

“Get your hands off ‘is cucumbers, it’s market day in Dai Iawn”

“Oh it BEE-rings a tear to my poor dilapidated eyes,”


 And I’m damned if I didn’t dine where my old grandfathers landlord mate used to own,

 none other than the Green House”

“A haunted pub no doubt”
“Aye you haven’t lived till you’ve had a pub lunch”
“Delila – icious my friends 2 glasses of passion fruit and mango and a cod and chips in an ‘aunted pub”

“Sets the teeth on edge”

“No no such thing as the afterlife just pretenders and realists”
“Capitalists and proletarians more like”

“There is that granted”

“You ‘erd Mrs Jones died did you?”

“Aye she was a historian and dinner lady… a damn fine woman”


“And not any old pints drawn from Santa's Slay early this afternoon by Rudolph and Troublesome not four hours earlier”


I’m in Love with another bloody Angel

Angels make me blind

If I fall in love with another bloody angel

I might lose my mind

Their messy and they’re Tessy

Self absorbed and Sessy

I’m in love with another bloody Angel


((((((((((((((((((End of Song))))))))))))))))))

“ ‘As anybidy seen zis man hurghh”

“If you 'ave tell im to get home and use his 'oover”

“I'll be damned if I'm tidying again”











It goes a little something like this...hit it


The computer is alive it’s smeared Stout and Tea over it’s monitor in a vague attempt to relate to me. Pretty soon I am goin’ ahaf  a clean it with some alcohol and wool.

The dog barks in the distance. As Tom Jones is thought of as a terminator after Delilah my lovely Sarah Connor person who has explained to Thomas several times to stop sniffing her knickers. But this time she’s bashing with D.E.L. and houses don’t come more untidy.

“It’s all I can do to keep a roof over our ‘ead without your father becoming an inland pirate”

“It’s the third time this week, he keeps finding our stash and snockering it on his own late at night in the downstairs lav.”

“He must of linked psyches with Uncle Really Loud,”

“e’s staying with the Songwriters and playing piano with Mrs Gorgeous down by where the Badgers live. Mr Rugby's better now”

“I dung mind ‘im smoking it’s the sneaky way he’s lifting our measly supplies”

“In the forces he’d be in the brig”

A Thought “Or loving himself quietly behind a blockade”

“He also just returned from a stressful environment without a type writer and with lots of people with problems”

“That’s just the staff”

“They’re good they are the patients and the staff but its nice to be w’oam”

“Oh I forgot you were omnipresent”

“I’ve confiscated Elin’s bengle wengle and was testing it for purity, that’s all”

“Uncle Really Loud or Mike as he’s more commonly known, is not staying with the Songwriters and isn’t playing piano with Mrs Gorgeous and the Badgers live somewhere completely different”

“Jazz da and Razz da nice of you to join us”

“Jazz niet le couche nay trios”


“Bon huit Bon neuf Bon Soir”

“…as they say in Luanda”


"Heeee heeee heeee heeeee"


“Thankyou for that update on Mike Quietly”

“Now how’s the homework situation? Last parents evening we promised to stop telling Mrs MacGee what to think about and Mrs Thomas is writing her new novel “Teaching the World To Sing and Being Dramatic” with Mr Best An Educational Narrative with contributors from at least 50 schools.


We don’t like him either

And he’s got magazines under his bed

With a gun he calls Mandy

Urrghhhhhhh you don’t understand how tired I am

Has he considered the army or long term unemployment or banking perhaps armed robbery maybe drug dealing, something he has a flair for

He wants to be a writer

Like Dosteyevski

And a dramatist

He calls us the rude informers who wake him up

We met them last week



Hello Police

“THE fupppinngggg money is in the bankers trousers pockehhhhtttttttts”

“Your local police station has closed if it is an emergency email wecouldn’t give a feckin damn@up your arses now the Soviet Union is gone we’re literally gonna kill and enslave you all@WE ARE YOUR BOSSES.Com”

“Quick Bluetooth a robo droid”

“Oh I long for Mistress Long to visit these sunny shores, it has been a week and a day since she ate milky cereal on that there Sofa”

“I’ve got a violin I’ve got a violin I’ve got a lah lah got a lah got a violin lah lah

The Songwriters are on speaking terms with the Moomins”

“Good as opposed to Buggeration”

“Did you ave a bugger ration when you were in the forces Chez”

“No dear it makes for very messy laundry”

The you know that boy from the next village the one who became a general and then emperor

The one who fancies you, who told everyone in 10 square miles that he loved you


Well you never guess what he’s done to get in my good books

What now

He’s built a giant cat like lion statue of a creature with his face on it so the whole world knows he loves me

He’s a dick head

He’s a very powerful dickhead who is in love with me

I know

I’m saving myself for a poet

Don't we know it

He’s from Kush and has a Nubian mother and father with cousins in Numidia and an Aunty in Persia.

A Celtic poet no doubt

Ready the Crocodile dung (Apparently an effective contraceptive)

erm 'as a crocodile shit in yere

I don’t feel like doing it anymore ever again

It’s my Aunty she said a dab here and a dab there will stop me growing Mini Ra and Telly Ra Ra inside of me  



That’s who I think my Aunty married

Captain Croco-phile the marsh bandit with his merry men and that one really butch looking hardwoman who snokes with the Tarty One with a red and blonde beehive

Meanwhile back at Workers Headquarters The Signal Room was alive with memories of locusts

Are you for real

Yes sir

Ahh Miss Chen you move smoothly in purple,

Your mind must entertain the black ribbon purple hat

You bring out the dog in me

The rabbit more like

Owsster Bowder no I’ve deleted that just gross silliness if it is one thing I can't stand is silliness

I know nothing

The God of Thunder Shango shakes his maine

Your work has inspired me to blog myself, you and George Barnsby kept my intellect alive for two years in a now demolished university library thankyou George and Anna. Mind you Suzie May Wong Must Live, haven’t seen it, it's just a gut reaction.

You are not alone my workmates and friends helped too as did my Mother, Sister and Nephew, my children John and Vera

Take it slowly you have the rest of your life

Tewkesbury may be where the Dukes were buried

And Shrewsbury the Shrews

Hereford where hairy legged people crossed a river

And Lincoln

And Norwich

Why are zer no witches in Norwich?

Because we killed them all aha


Didn’t you kill all the witches wherever you're from?

No, I ave never killed a witch, nor have I sanctioned any murder mass or singular

Ah reminds me of my X wife she sanctioned  my death, she’s in prison now

'He used to give me roses before Rose said give your own, he wanted to wed a goblin a nibblin’ on a bone, on the inside he’s really poor and he’s related to Aunty Dore, I wish he was making me happy talking dirty on the phone'

And Ellesmere Port

And Borth

And Porthcawl

Oh Glenda Blenda lead me astray

I can't I'm busy with I-Roy enjoying his new bike and ting

And Barmouth

And Nottingham

And Brighton and Hove


I’ll be having you

No you won’t or you’ll get a bad name for yourself and me and us two

Oh God I love you both

I want to look after you for a night, both of you

Or come up when you feel like it!!!




Did Raleigh get mashed or pie eyed on a new product traded by the Native Americans and upset the reigning English monarch Elizabeth I by calling the entire territory he found with people already living there, Virginia. He also managed to get his grubby mitts on the potato which also features in this story.



Oh CLART where has half the Bus stop gone?

Blame Corporation obsessed governments

Did I have a shock after attending a brilliant Gwyn Alf Williams lecture (1) in the Clwb y Bont in Pontypridd, a town with a very vibrant town centre.

I visited Newport only to find half the bus depot has been totally demolished. To add insult to injury there has been the destruction of the  Chartist mural depicting an armed insurrection in South Wales in 1839 for vital reform and progress of bourgeois democracy took place on November 5th.

People marched and protested for the vote for working men, representation of working people, paid members of parliament as opposed to Lords governing us, no property franchise so the property less could stand for parliament and an end to rotten boroughs where a handful of usually wealthy people could field an MP and hundreds of thousands of people had the same representation. It was in Newport where thousands of men were met with volley after volley from the Westgate Hotel by troops which were hidden to stop the revolt. Also recently destroyed was the well known and excellent staffed, seat of education Allt-yr-yn University Campus.

Have the people of Newport done something wrong? NO, they have worked in shops, transport, pubs, steel works, hospitals, parks, building sites and factories to name but a few of the destroyed and closed workplaces only to find they are being ruled by a vicious bunch of unelected thugs. The government that rules in favour of bankers, arms dealers, property speculators and the rich, kicks working class communities in the teeth with increasing bravado. Down with the dictatorship of Capital and Power to the People. Demand Fresh elections.

(1) Gwyn Alf Williams the Welsh Labour Movement Historian and Communist famed for the television programme 'The Dragon Has Two Tongues' (which I watched and enjoyed as a child with my Mother and Sister the late Catherine Ann Ruth Brown 1979-2007. As an university student of History and Philosophy & Religous Studies I competed in and won the 1st Gwyn Alf Williams Award in 1997 with advise from Robert Griffiths General Secretary of the Communist Party and Historian in his own right. 'Cut Me Loose' The Links between the Industrial Revolution in Wales and the Slave Trade was later televised, researched and presented by me on BBC 2 Wales. Gwyn also wrote the history book 'When Was Wales' and 'Madoc' about the legend of Prince Maddox a Welshman who lived with the Native Americans, the Mandans or white Indians. Professor Williams was also a well loved Cardiff University lecturer and Senedd y Bobl {Peoples Parliament} supporter and author of the unfinished autobiography 'Fishers of Men' well worth a read for his pre World War II memories and during war memories.





Related in the conver-stational style of a group of young women in G-Went

You know Mary right

JC's Mam, not me,

Aye, Do you think right,

That she was a protester,

About taxes,

How do you mean,

Well you know the census,

In Bethlehem,

Well I reckon when the Ancient Romans

And Herod, or John Redwood,

Or whoever was bossin' people about in them days,

Sed "Who's the Daddy?"

She sed "GOD"

And there's the grave robbery,

And she was a Virgin,

It's got feck all to do with anybody else,

Enn it

Like John Baptiste who lost 'is head after Salome aksd her ole man for it

Oh I thought she was goin' out with a Taurus

Awwww - NO 'eees a tourist

Whatever  - "I swear on my Son's life"

"'is Father is ... God"

And the resurrection

"Eee can't 'elp it, it's an industrial injury, chippins or something."

I like Mary

Aye she do remind me of our boyfriend's Mam

A poem for Palestine


Despite the official pretense
Instense obfuscation
And other worldy indifference
Attacks and imprisonement of children in Palestine
Carries on day by day
Call for a boycott of Israeli goods, services and education
If the company that sell it are killing and oppressing Palestinian people
Involved in stealing their land and their water
Building an apartied fence through their land
Uprooting olive trees and crushing freedom
Boycott Israeli goods and support Palestinian people






Poetry can be done non commercially,
Poetry can be done not for profit,
Poetry can be done for free,
All you need is ya brain and a voice,
You mouth or hands and ya legs,
You can dance and move poetically,
Or stay still and be a poem,
You can be story or a song,
That’s ok if that's what you want to be.
Be one already written and brand new see
Don’t be food for carrion.
Be a poet for peace,
And call for war a go end,
Be a poet on a collective mission,
Don’t be a poet for death,
Breathe life into spell checks,
Defy punctuality, gravity and then
Spend no time ripping off unoo bredda
Spend no time in dem head
For the more you go an learn whagohappen
The more you write and go seccle
The fluctuations of pulse and blood beat
The more the pen a’ go scribble
The hands that type teach a new dictionary,
Thatta scream whole heap a rebel,
More than enough to feed all a we,
More than enough land vacant,
Building empty and we inna misery,
Cos money don’t cover the rent,
And who we a go ask to settle telly bill,
And who we aks for new phone charger,
And who a go pay when the rich man go to war,
With rich man a live on the whole heap a you,
And still him a war and call for enslavement,
Of your body and mind and your labour,
Me a feel Joe Hill to this very day,
Like Labi Siffre sings 'Something Inside So Strong',
Together go organise to overturn capitalisms rule,
And build Socialism from the roots.

Palava on a windy mountain 

Hapus Gaeaf


I come from Bombay,

I’m three months pregnant,

I don’t know who the father is,

And I’m proud of my ego.


I wrote a new play,

Foul Homer to pay,

To feed my familay.

A Cyclops ‘im seh

Those goats belong to me

So dem kill ‘im

And de Minataur a carry on soh bad

That Theseus a hunt him down in a maze

Days and Days only Casandra know and she busy dis time of year

You can aks all you want,

But if it’s in the wrong font,

Our phraseology will hit you in the head,

And make the side of your face hurt.

And when it goes numb,

You can go dum diddy dum,

And run, far run.

Nabaddeh terrorise soh,

You cy'ant lift cane no more,

That’s how trouble start,

Rung here and everywhere,

Grow food to nourish your hunger,

And plants that look so nice down in the yard,

And grow a little tree,

In case 1 day de cubord 2 rude.

With stew made of june plum,

From Savanna La Mar,

And a brand new car,

And we loved him very much,

Honey banana is nice / neic

With sugar and spice,

And it’s so hot there,

You can’t believe it soh cold here.

But the avocado it grow,

And sweet potatoe it grow,

But no fruit a grow so far,

Yet the leaf dem a form.

Cinnabun in the snow,

Near a prison museum,

With coffee and cream,

Still me a dream,

And rum in the cold and wet,

Badder still it can get,

The economy a crash,

Chief Whip want children get lash,

And noh me a listen to thrash.

And think a Mama Cieniog.

Nuff seh stenographer ras

True blood,

Me soon come in peace, shalom, heddwch, salam, nabata.

For the drummer boy a miss the islands rythms

We have the rydym and now we want the cais,

And respond if the crocodile try to grip you.

He’s either hungry or he thinks you will steal ‘im eggs.

And don’t sleep under the coconut tree because they will split your head

And the machete is for the crop,

Bruce Lee got shot,

Write about it and act it out without harm to yourself and everybody else,

And fight for it just like we have to,

Respect and the economy.

Stand shoulder to shoulder and demand.


On the poets day out,

There was fun and frolics,

Spies and lies,

Indefinite detention,

People running helter skelter,

And no positive official comment.

Talking, writing, some exciting,

History, reason and science,

Revolution and rebellion too,

And loads of definitions,

Growth and fenestration.

Odes and loads of brand new codes,

Broken by only rhythm,

On the poets day out.

There were jokes and odes were given,

Peaceful poets and joking poets and angry men, women and children,

Some wrote with metaphor and rhymes and personification,

Iambic pentameter just to keep the rhythm,

Some wrote in lines just like a house,

And stuck to formulations,

Others wrote triads upon concrete,

And some rewrote the songs they were given.



If we really are rocking in the free world why can’t we feed ourselves without resorting to fraudelently being tricked into eating horses and choosing our own surnames.

At very little cost to myself I would like to revive or simply publicise some often not heard surnames:





Love to dance

Really loud



You can use these surnames in sentences with yourself or other people like this: What guan Mr Badger me hear Dave Gorgeous is back in town staying with the Songwriters, Mrs Love to Dance is currently on holiday with Mrs Really Loud and Mr Rugby on his own a lot. He is having constant visitation.

Conversations Lesson One
(If you've ever tried talking and not known what to say - SHUT UP YOU MIGHT SAY IT ALL WRONG!!!)

Here is a few example:

One of my favourite pastimes used to be religion.
Oh your a God botherer
You'll work it out eventually

Now try dis one
How are you?
Me feet on the wrong way round and me head totally noo noo.


Another thing you can do to understand organised religion a bit better is to actually become a God/Godess/Supreme Being in your own self contained universe. This may cause problems in societies which have pro religious state policies, so be careful. If overdone may result in social dislocation. As a hypothetical tool it is useful for understanding religions aims and limitations. Do you rely on believers, matter in the form of offerings ,war with other Gods, believe in yourself or endlessly persecute or liberate? What parameters do you set to your powers? Is there any point in organising religion or is it a safe place to escape to? What problems does it cause you or your followers? How do you depict yourself and does that effect your favourite forms of creation of even your credibility? Is there anything you created that vies for power with you and if so does that negate your all powerful aspect? Are all your characteristics contained in creation. Do you worship, value or adore anything? Are there other Gods what are your inter relations if any between you / yourselves or a pantheon? Can Gods cease to exist, die or become irrelevant. Do you ever get bored or into serious divine trouble, if so who do you turn to? Is Science a threat to your existence or do you find it less boring than eternity without invention?


“I made myself Shango who is a Horse God and I’m really enjoying myself” Shango

“Thanks to Make yourself a God I’m lighting fires in my back garden at 4am and having a good sing song"

"I haven't made myself a God but I did the lead the expulsion of the English from medieval France and was martyred at the stake by believers in organised religion for being a witch" Joan D'arc

“At first I thought this was the work of Lucifer but then he made himself a God and we’re having a lovely time, its actually providing me with an job and something to think about" Pastor B. Less Head

"Organised religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature" Karl Marx



The Association of Could be government agents


Welcome to the inaugural meeting of Could Be Government agents.

Agent 32 glad you could make it

I thought you’d becoming with your new handbag.

First item what has happened to our chairman?

Permission to speak


Let me just interrupt you "I'm an alcoholic not a secret agent"

We thought you'd infiltrate them Hoxley

No my names not 32 or 32

Ohhh my god we’re scriptwriters

So am I

I’m not

Not what

A scriptwriter

But you could be a government agent

Not quite old boy

Well what are we doing in the same room

Where’s the chairman gone?


Somewhere in the near future…

Your local MacDonalds is closing down

Because you can no longer afford to buy any more horsemeat burgers

Nobody will work anymore unless it is to undercut workers wages in the Far East

You will enjoy work with no pay it is the Anglo American dream

If you want us to be responsible bankers again you will have to improve your credit rating

Your monarchs and big business barons will be enjoying BSE free beef and rare eggs from soon to be extinct species

The words you choose define you, ‘Yes Boss’ is all you will now say

If your time has expired or you have interfered with data processing you will become a non person




Me muss av food

Me muss have drink

Me muss have shelter

And warmth and ting

Me muss speak out and me muss tink

Me muss shatter every shackle and link

Big business seem, to  control everyting 
What's me favourite brand?
Me Nabata and if they kill us then the brand will suffer   
Obey they say

Or so they think, with a smile and wink

Big business cyant control everyting   

Or you will hear command

In privatised clink

We say NO and get locked in prison

We say NO to war now listen

Where's all the wealth?

The rich av it

Y can’t we

We still have to fight for liberty

Free to what, to swap lickshot?

Or free to organise to own the whole damn lot

Who are you, to call for free?


I and I and I and I

We have enuff of live and let die

We try and try like Robert the Bruce

Venceramos with no excuse

Me benefit cut WTF

Dem do it with law

And we move to the Left

Who give the order

To starve the poor

And they accuse us, of class war

Me belly it hurt

Me throat still dry

While war cabinet, wine and dine

Soldier traumatised and left to go and die

Warplane and drone still built and fly

The Queen now attend cabinet, now ent that sly

Who dat Gal?

Rebecca Brooks

She ride a horse

Wid de big time crooks

Communist Manifesto the World's most read book

Me afi get a copy and have a look

Who dat man?

The man Murdoch

Owning 40% of the media stock

He owns the Sun, he owns the Times, he owns Tony Blair and he owns the Sky

He owns the porn and the gutter press,

Now me truss rich people plenty less

BSB station that spy and lie

Him an emperor and me no no know why

Well that must stop

The man is Australian

Yet he will still have a pop

A pop at who?

Us of course, divide and rule is what dem famous for

He screams immigrants and dirty slag

Jesus Christ, is it that bad?

One law for him and another for everybody else

Keep on learning for the jail cells

Break his empire

Break it up

Gimme the hammer

And watch the empire bruk

Me no want no part

Me an honest man

Well you have the sickle, I have mine

Hurry up while the Red Star shine

Buy the Morning Star, every time

What’s the sickle for, it’s Sharpe like Sam?

Unoo sickle for your poor dead Mam

She try and try, Capitalism killed her dead

See the rainbow while you chewing on your bread

You bitter like lime, that can rhyme

Grasp the shaft for the harvest time

Once this is done, we can mechanise

Feed ourselves and run our lives

We fight for education

We fight for jobs, we fight for a world without nuclear bombs

Relentlessly, we fight against environmental catastrophe

For Human need, we fight for free health

We fight to own all the nations wealth.

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

I Tell You What

Book learning
Instead of book burning
Book writing
Instead of gun firing
Debate and public meetings
Instead of phone tap wiring
Full employment
Instead of bosses firing
Workers rights
Instead of expiring
Human rights
Instead of missile firing
Tear down capitalism
You'll enjoy it


On the subject of racism, division,

Socialism and the EU in British society



They keep it going,

They keep it going,

The rich man dem,

Keep it going,

The workers recognise it,

For what it is,

And say no.

The rich change the formula.

A little, say it on the broadcasts,

That it’s gone That it’s gone,

But they keep it going,

Divide and rule,

Since 1066,

They keep it going,

Divide and rule,

Since dem cross the Rubicon,

They keep it going,

Resistance is the key,

Always has been,

We keep it going,

1381 Peasants revolt,

We be knowing,

Witch trials, reformation,

And the English revolution,

We be growing.

Slave trade and plantations for four hundred years,

Rebellions and abolition,

And compensation for peers,

Wage slavery used because it’s more profitable,

And empire grow as the rich sweep crumbs from the table,

Boxing day presents for the servants class,

Reminders of our place at the bottom of class society,

Built on blood and toil of the workers,

Karl Marx and Freiderich Engels produce in 1848,

The Communist Manifesto,

To shake the manor from the gate.


Peace and Unity,

Mass action,

And education,

Free health,

And democracy,

No means no,

And the Trade Union,

Is strength,

We keep it going,

Pride in our skills,

And who we be,

We keep it going,

Cemetaries full,

And the crematorium chimney puff,

The rich want us as machines,


But we write our programmes,

And the system tumble,

From internal contradictions,

Innate in capitalism,

Capitalist crisis,

And imperialism.


We are humanity,

So keep sowing,

Keep sowing,

Ideas and actions,

That can save humanity,

Keep sowing,

What grows as a crop,

Future generations,

Will need,

Freedom and socialism and Democracy,

At every level without regard for colour, gender or economic rank,

Democratisation and public ownership of every bank,

No owning human beings cos that leads to the chains,

No fascist ideology it’s poison for the brains,

Cuba stands independent as a world beacon,

No imperial rule in China cos empire is done,

Vietnam and Korea gave so many lives to be free,

South African masses said no to Apartied,

Dem threaten all the people with capital flight,

Military used and police force too,

National Democratic Revolution,

Still break through,

Travel to France and see the CGT,

Or go to Portugal and enjoy Avante,

Britain since 1920 has our own Communist Party,

The EU want to impose a bankers treaty,

To inflict unemployment and more austerity,

Every country should have the right to nationalise the economy,

European Union rules say that is illegal see,

Big business and their media put it as a game of the right,

No to EU put it straight from the Left,

No cuts, no wars and democratic control,

An independent socialist society must be our goal,

EU is anti working people and lays the ground for war,

It matters if your unemployed or on the shop floor,

It matters if you’re supervising and you workplace is good,

It matters if you’re retired in every neighbourhood.

If you’re working in a shop it’s still no good.

Should Britain be a colony of the US or Europe?

British ruling class a split on which feeding trough,

Working people in Britain,

Miseducated by bourgeois party lines,

So read the Morning Star,

Daily paper of the Left,

Let the red star shine,

Call for a referendum on EU,

And don’t be ashamed,

Tell the bigots and collaborators that’s not your game,

Independence as a nation and democracy,

Repeat it till dey know you no want austerity,

So when Thatcher say there’s no alternative,

To capitalist society,

No it must done,

Capitalism is redundant mun,

When people have control of the means of production,

Socialism grows and the rich dem run,

Keep growing, keep growing, keep struggling on and organise.

Written by David Llywelyn Brown

YOU DARE! / Ti Mentro!

You dare stand up to big business,
You dare buy from local Asian owned and worked in shops,
You dare be anti war,
You dare be actively anti fascist,
You dare work for Socialism,
You dare fly the red flag with the hammer and sickle,
You dare be a member of the Communist Party,
You dare campaign for anti racism,
You dare criticise the porn industry, it's owners and promoters,
To the point of abolition.
You dare be for workers rights and for the abolition of slavery,
Question everything???
You dare!!!
YDW ni enill :)

If you are against hardcore rape pornography sign this petition cut and paste into your browser:


Psychologist - Do you find words painful?

Patient - Not really and I like pretending to be people that I’m actually not. I do it a lot really.

Psychologist - And how do you find friends, relatives and workmates react to lying?

Patient - Not very well.

Psychologist – Have you managed to fill in the psi diary?

Patient – I have and here it is


Class traitor - Muck - Giggle giggle


Ha you didn’t get your PHD (Yes it’s true I’m aware of my own life are you aware of yours?)

You lying bastard (A random accusation from Class traitor’s best friend)

Psychologist - Hmmmm

What I have a problem with….

A fascist - Welcome to the real world.

Odd late argument person - It’s odd really I know that this has been the real world but it’s my way of being odd.


Psychologist - Have you read Challenge?

Toilet fancier  – Quick the auctions are on telly

Class traitor – Giggle Giggle

A fascist – Arson that’s what she/he needs

Patient  – Have you read the BRS (Britains Road to Socialism) It says drown fascism in a sea of democracy.

Liar and diversionary - It’s names and racism aimed at me especially at night anything to disrespect and lie about local shop workers and owners.

Patient – How do you feel about British prisons and psychiatric institutions?

Liar – I value them very highly

Patient – Well that’s where you will live out your days if you keep threatening people.

Patient – Mimes circular movements with his finger around the side of his head

Patient  – Would you like to borrow the film October 1917?

Patient – And that’s all for now


Psychologist – Good Same time next week


And now for a rhyming interlude

Never mix the cane and the grain

Never mix the grain and blain

Never mix the lane and rain

Never mix the haine and the gain

Although sometimes it will guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan



Do you find capitalism quite often says:

Which one is better the VHS or Betamax?

The Mac or PC?

In a language loaded with sex and violence

The Adverts agghhhhhhhhhhhhh I’ve got no money arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh i've got no democratic control over anything

Do what me and millions of other people have done join the Communist Party

Fight for a publicly owned economy, democracy inside and outside the workplace. With local, regional and national parliaments with a Left Wing majority. Build and organise against fascism and the extreme right. Fight for trade union rights and leisure facilities for your communities. Fight for public sector housing, to defend the NHS, jobs, public services and Socialism.

Angie’s in the front room cloaking up a clock

Hello I’m a debt collector living in your front room

I’m a bit of a cow mind

Are they you’re children?

Would you like a rent strike?


Cue the music “Show me the way to go home I’m living and I want to go home I’ve never been so frightened in my entire life.”

Debt collector leaves or says yes we thought you’d do that

“Help the bailiffs have burgled me HELP”

Bailiifs leave or put their money grubbing hands over the victims mouth

Shin scratch elbow push aside run



Can’t afford to eat 3 meals a day.

Suffering from fuel poverty and not having enough money to repair or replace broken home appliances and/or vehicles.

Is your town, city and/or internet, tv and/or radio infested by the secret police?

A little yeah

Quite a lot actually

We’re sick of it – Capitalism

Join the Communist Party and campaign for a wealth tax, defend public services, fight for jobs and join a trade union


Don’t tell your telly what you to do

No do

Turn it off and have a chat with ya neighbours about how glad you are to be human and able to communicate and swap stuff. It's better than being anti social.



The Amazing Stories of Tenny Bach starring Pygama Woman and Panda Sai

Foreword (listen to this one with Dmitri Shostokovitch Symphony Number 7 or don’t it’s up to you)

The moon shone in the sky above the small yet growing community of Tenny Bach. The author eased into the saddle and his fingers began to hammer the keyboard words flying into place. Tonight the music played across the clover sweet sky. The pressures faced by the people of the planet were enormous, capitalist crisis, environmental catastrophe and mass poverty, imposed by the rich and their class war.

Communication critical of the status quo was actively discouraged, telecommunications were listened into as the dictatorship of Capital in Britain tried to frighten people into ideological submission to their programme of cuts, starvation, mass unemployment and inter class conflict.

Every so often defenders of the rich would scream the same tired and reactionary phrases to themselves especially at night. How they were benefiting from not criticising the capitalist system only they know. We all independent and red like the blood that flows through our veins. Peace and unity alongside the people united will never be defeated means a lot to those oppressed by fools who side with rich on the basis of their own guilt and internal contradictions. Do something constructive to unplug from the matrix of obedience. Don’t be an attack dog, humanity should rule instead profit and an unequal hierarchy of social and economic division. A system that preys upon the people in the form and substance of Capitalism. Overthrow that system by organising with other people, it is the biggest killer the world has ever seen.

One day Pygama Woman wrote an invisible letter to Panda Sai saying “Fancy camping up the tunnels?”

“A’iiight PW me der”

“What we doing up der”

“Usual Panda Sai”

“Oh no not cards”


“Ok can the horses come too?”

“Umm no”

“Oh no”

“8 of diamonds?”

“Could be?”

“Nice nuclear bunker can we all h’inspect it”


“In fact everywhere probably has one it would be nice to see if their roomy and their food supplies meds and things”

“I know Sai it’s conspiracy that worries me and the Pygama people”

“It’s ok PW it’s part of the revolutionary process I expect”

“Like normal confrontation ideologically during a severe class war launched by the rich”


“Cup of milk”

“Yes why not”

“How’s the painting, your clothes are so colourful and iridescent”

“I’m a bit suspicious of flattery”

“I mean it PW it’s better than sack cloth”


“You smell powerful Panda Sai!”

“I know I am a mighty man”

“My sons are calling me, I must fly”

“Ok use this frisby  whooooooooosh”

The horses chew the grass under the moonlit sky

“Will they eat us?”

The people starve, the stooges laugh.

Dreams of a storm at sea a boat tossed on the waves. A flood of emotion enters the writer. Hope is not broken will they survive the storm? The pipes play across tomorrows buttercup filled meadows. The crow watches along the telegraph wires. A pregnant women holds her belly and feels new life inside her. The mountains rise and the thought of snow settles, the blackberry blossoms bring forth fruit, autumn approaches. No free food for 6 miles, gas, electricity, phone bills increasing in price as the big companies turn the screws on working class communities. Sparks settle in the eaves of the bourgeois enemies of the proletariat as they mock the dying.

Iskra the alternative revolution, lay low the old established order of deference and totalitarian capitalism. Forward to the dictatorship of the proletariat we will NOT be cowed, we will NOT do as we’re told either. Revolutionary fervour spreads over Britain. Cofio 1974 bring the rich man’s government down.

Build a party of the Left that represents organised labour. It will take time but must emerge the bourgeois parties point at us and say the crisis is ours, the bankers caused  the economic crisis and are to blame – TAX the RICH means no cutbacks and enough to spend on things we need and want. Build local democracy their craven perfumed servants withdraw. Turn your hatred on the capitalist class “Tax your mansions not our bedrooms, we have to pay taxes why don ‘t the rich, why must there be no free university and low wages or unemployment be our destiny”

 Fists shake at the palaces of the debauched capitalist class.



“Our young men die in your corporate resource wars!!!”

“Our young women are expected to be playthings in your macabre sexual exploitation rituals”

“We will no longer plan for you or work your infernal machines, down tools walk off site, ALL OUT”